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Initial List of Recommended Service Providers is out!

23rd December 2020

Businesses closer to benefitting from Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme by Malta Enterprise

The Initial List of Recommended Service Providers, compiled by The Malta Chamber that may support businesses to apply for the Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme by Malta Enterprise is out.

Click here to download the initial list of Recommended Service Providers.

Earlier this year, at the ‘Reengineering your way to success’ event during SME week, The Malta Chamber launched the call for service providers for this particular scheme.

The Malta Chamber hasve been entrusted by Malta Enterprise with the task of evaluating and approving, interested service providers to serve as Consultants for both the Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme in the case of SMEs and other Schemes in the case of Larger Enterprises. 

By being on this recommended list, clients of such service providers applying for the business re-engineering scheme will be fast-tracked in their application, as the due diligence process of the Service provider would have been carried out by the Chamber.

In May 2020, The Malta Chamber proposed a Business Re-Engineering & Transformation Scheme as a measure ahead of the June 2020 Economic Recovery Plan. The objective was to provide the much-needed support to companies which were negatively impacted Covid-19. This would therefore allow them to ‘stop and think’ and engage in a detailed analysis of their current business operations and services and re-think, re-structure, re-invest and hence re-engineer their business objectives through a number of actions derived from this very important process.

Please note that this is only an initial list. If a Service Provider is not on the list, this means that we are either waiting for more information or the evaluation is still underway.

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Initial List of Recommended Service Providers is out!