18th September 2018

The new European bank notes feature an updated map of Europe on the back, which includes newer member states Malta and Cyprus.

13th September 2018

Apple has updated its iPhone handset with three more powerful models, and added a new smartwatch with a new fall-detection function.

13th September 2018

Moody’s warned that the risk of a no-deal Brexit had risen materially in recent months, and that if it came to pass, it could lead the UK into a recession.

7th September 2018

Italy’s strong coffee culture has long been a barrier for Starbucks, but the company's Milan ‘roastery’ is hoping to make inroads in its new market.

6th August 2018

European Central Bank supervisor Danièle Nouy added that banks are better prepared to handle such a crisis than they were a decade ago.

6th September 2018

In July, it was revealed that Burberry destroyed unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth £28.6m (€32 million) in 2017 to protect its brand.

5th September 2018

While Malta has been a trailblazer in regulating cryptoassets, with three bills passing into law in June, digital assets such as Bitcoin are still viewed with concern by many European financial supervisors.

5th September 2018

Mr Carney was due to step down from the role in June 2019 but is now expected to stay on until June 2020.

4th September 2018

A series of legislative proposals aimed at better protecting EU consumers against unsafe products,was voted on by a EP committee.

31st August 2018

Costa is the second-largest coffee chain in the world, just behind Starbucks.

30th August 2018

Around 4.6 million people took part in the survey, which ran between 4th July and 16th August, and the results of the survey will be discussed by the European Commission today.

28th August 2018

"If the immigration situation does not change between now and the near future, the veto will be certain,” Mr Di Maio wrote on Facebook.

27th August 2018

"I don’t think permanently setting ourselves new goals makes any sense," Mrs Merkel said on ARD public television.

23rd August 2018

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said he hoped the no-deal preparations would be "rendered redundant" by an agreement with the EU.

22nd August 2018

Dominic Raab has been meeting his negotiating counterpart in Brussels, Michel Barnier, and admitted that there were still points of disagreement.

10th August 2018

The deal was announced just hours after the department store chain went into administration.

9th August 2018

More than 51,000 tons of electronic waste is created from old chargers in the EU every year.

8th August 2018

The pound's fall came after UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox said that the chances of the UK leaving the EU without a deal seemed to be increasingly likely.

8th August 2018

The ruling came after a secondary school student in Germany downloaded a photograph of the city of Cordoba in Spain from a travel website to use in a presentation.

7th August 2018

“Some countries must do more so that citizenship is not awarded to criminals who want to endanger Europe's security or engage in money-laundering," Ms Jourova said.

3rd August 2018

The company managed to beat Silicon Valley rivals such as Amazon and Microsoft to the punch.

26th July 2018

Mr Trump's language after meeting Mr Juncker was enthusiastic, in contrast with the angry tone he adopted previously towards the EU, calling it a "foe" on trade.

25th July 2018

Mr Marchionne had led the combined company for more than a decade and planned to step down next year.

24th July 2018

"We are not heading to negotiations with a pistol at our chest," said Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas.

24th July 2018

"I was extremely proud to see the positive feedback on how useful Google Translate was for people who travelled to Russia," said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

19th July 2018

This practice is common among fashion houses to prevent unwanted items being stolen or sold cheaply.

18th July 2018

The EC said the firm had used the Android mobile operating system to illegally "cement its dominant position" in search.

18th July 2018

The deal eliminates about 99 per cent of the tariffs on Japanese goods sold to the EU.

18th July 2018

Mr Musk apologised to British caver Vern Unsworth, who helped rescue 12 Thai children and their coach, for calling him a ‘pedo’ on Twitter.

17th July 2018

Malta supports the exchange of best practices on how education and training systems should be modernised, Minister Chris Cardona said.