11th October 2019

Pair have agreed there is a ‘pathway to a possible Brexit deal,’ British media report.

25th September 2019

Mr Trump called the allegations related to withholding military aid “the single greatest witch hunt in American history”.

24th September 2019

According to the BBC, the UK Government has declared that it will abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

12th September 2019

A Scottish court declared Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful, however his government intends to appeal.

10th September 2019

Boris Johnson has suffered his sixth Parliamentary defeat in six days.

5th September 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly said that he would only back a general election after the anti no-deal Brexit bill achieved royal assent.

4th September 2019

Rebel Tories deliver victory for MPs to seize control of Commons timetable.

3rd September 2019

MPs hope to take over the Parliamentary agenda by making a plea to the House Speaker, John Bercow, which would allow for an urgent discussion.

30th August 2019

Downing Street is reportedly fighting off MPs' efforts to halt the suspension of Parliament or to block no-deal.

Helena Grech - 28th August 2019

Move will limit time for MPs to block a no-deal Brexit, leaving businesses highly concerned.

Helena Grech - 28th August 2019

Boris Johnson would be able to stop MPs from passing laws preventing a no-deal Brexit.

Helena Grech - 27th August 2019

Brazil to reject €18 million aid package to fight Amazon wildfire damage offered by G7 leaders

26th August 2019

US President Donald Trump skips summit talks on climate emergency and Amazon fires.

26th August 2019

America is one of two countries in the world, alongside Eritrea, that requires its citizens to pay tax on worldwide income, regardless of where they are residents.

20th August 2019

‘This government ends here,’ prime minister tells parliament.

20th August 2019

The US president promised not to ‘do this’ a day after confirming interest in buying the country.

19th August 2019

The country will reportedly allow companies to pay salaries in cryptocurrency as from 1st September.

19th August 2019

Comments made by Finance Minister Olaf Scholz suggesting Germany could boost spending has alleviated fears and boosted European shares.

31st July 2019

Apple is seeking to diversify its product lines as iPhone sales continue to fall

30th July 2019

The sterling has fallen against the euro to below €1.10 while it has also dropped below €1.23 against the US dollar.

Helena Grech - 25th July 2019

Chair of the pro-Brexit European Research Group, Jacob Rees-Mogg – who led called for May to be removed, is the new leader of the House of Commons.

Helena Grech - 23rd July 2019

Mr Johnson, who shot to fame after becoming mayor of London, beat the contest comfortable by 92,153 votes to 46,656, with 66 per cent of the vote.

Helena Grech - 17th July 2019

The news has raised eyebrows in scientific circles, with media reports describing the project as resembling science fiction, as well as being over-ambitious.

12th July 2019

In the first half of this year, 457,595 vehicles with the mercedes symbol were sold in the Europe region.

Helena Grech - 9th July 2019

Workers in London and New York began receiving the news of their fate with the company just hours after the global restructuring plan was announced.

Helena Grech - 5th July 2019

Figures show that May 2019's slump in manufacturing orders are the worst reading on record since 2009, at the height of the financial crisis.

Helena Grech - 18th June 2019

It would be a huge leap into bypassing financial institutions and credit card agencies as the digital token could make it possible for users of Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram to make online purchases directly with retailers or to send funds between users.

Helena Grech - 11th June 2019

A new Conservative Party leader is expected to be elected towards the end of July.

Helena Grech - 6th June 2019

Google has already been slapped by a €1.5 billion fine by European regulators for violating antitrust laws in the online advertising market.

10th May 2019

Hamleys, which was founded in 1760, is the world's oldest toy retailer and has 167 stores across 18 countries.