27th March 2020

This follows yesterday’s news of Prince Charles testing positive.

26th March 2020

It now has over 69,000 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus.

21st March 2020

Locally, many have shared the news item and called for a similar move to be introduced

12th March 2020

Trading was suspended on Wall Street for the second time this week as shares plunged 7%

12th March 2020

On Wednesday evening, the World Health Organisation officially labelled the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic

9th March 2020

A dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia on the price of oil and rising fears as coronavirus cases spread have led to turmoil in stock markets

26th February 2020

In its latest Country Report, the European Commission notes that recent reform efforts in Malta helped encourage investment in important areas, however, several long-term structural challenges persist.

24th February 2020

Malta could lose as much as €189 million, according to the former head of the European Parliament Office in Malta.

24th February 2020

The disease is affecting market stability

31st January 2020

In London, permits have been granted for a rally to support Brexit and a protest against the move.

27th January 2020

The head of the World Health Organisation is holding a special meeting with officials in Beijing to discuss how to contain the coronavirus.

17th January 2020

Despite registering a growth rate of 6.1% in 2019, it was still the worst figure in 29 years.

16th January 2020

His announcement has been met with widespread protests by small businesses, saying Amazon has used its enormous power to undercut small businesses on price.

15th January 2020

Climate activists have cheered BlackRock’s pivotal climate emergency move, but called for vigilance.

14th January 2020

Critics argue that Germany’s ailing infrastructure is badly in need of investment.

10th January 2020

The US Government took the decision in retaliation to EU subsidies given to Airbus.

8th January 2020

In addition to the devastating effects the bushfires are having on Australia’s unique fauna, flora and overall wildlife, concerns have been raised about the country’s ability to bounce back economically when considering damage to consumer confidence, farming activities and tourism.

6th January 2020

Mr Johnson will host the newly appointed President in Downing Street this week.

Martina Said

He is just one of three people on the list whose net worth exceeds $100 billion.

30th December 2019

Capitalism plays vital role in raising funds for clean technologies says Mark Carney

30th December 2019

The likelihood of a rapid economic recovery has been written off the books

30th December 2019

This comes after a sour end to last year, with December 2018 being the worst since the Great Recession

9th December 2019

Fears of a hung Parliament are receding after polls show that the Conservative Party still holds a sizeable lead.

5th December 2019

French President Emmanuel Macron had made pension reform a central focus of his electoral campaign.

3rd December 2019

The move has been threatened in retaliation to the country’s new digital services tax.

2nd December 2019

The embattled US President is concerned with Argentina and Brazil’s currency depreciation, making imports from the country more competitive.

11th October 2019

Pair have agreed there is a ‘pathway to a possible Brexit deal,’ British media report.

25th September 2019

Mr Trump called the allegations related to withholding military aid “the single greatest witch hunt in American history”.

24th September 2019

According to the BBC, the UK Government has declared that it will abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

12th September 2019

A Scottish court declared Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful, however his government intends to appeal.