22nd June 2018

“We will do what we have to do to rebalance and safeguard the EU," said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

18th June 2018

CAN Europe said no single EU country is performing sufficiently well in both ambition and progress towards reducing carbon emissions.

11th June 2018

The letter in the Washington Post focuses on the trade and investment relationship between the EU and the US.

30th May 2018

"I'm very worried about Italy. Not worried about the rest of Europe. It will be tough, but the rest of Europe, the rest of (the) euro will be OK," said Professor Olivier Blanchard.

28th May 2018

More subtle measures include labelling requirements that will better inform consumers, stricter design criteria and the promotion of extended producer responsibility schemes.

23rd May 2018

And other unanswered questions from Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony at the European Parliament.

17th May 2018

In Malta, around 6,000 users had their Facebook data harvested by Cambridge Analytica.

9th May 2018

“President Trump’s unilateral decision not to renew waivers of key US sanctions on Iran, is a clear step back and risks creating political and economic instability in the region and beyond,” warned BusinessEurope President Emma Marcegaglia.

2nd May 2018

He told his audience that the match-making feature would keep privacy issues in mind and would launch "soon".

30th April 2018

The report concluded that cryptocurrency exchanges are attracted by regulation which allows them legitimacy but is also not too harsh, something that is lacking in most of the world.

27th April 2018

Neonicotinoid pesticides put at risk wild bees and honeybees, which are crucial for the pollination and reproduction of many plants.

16th April 2018

Mrs May called for the Commonwealth to be a beacon for free trade, at a time of increasing protectionism, and urged the use of common standards across all 53 countries.

11th April 2018

Mr Zuckerberg was answering questions in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal.

4th April 2018

At least one flight to Malta was affected, with passengers on a Ryanair flight from Brussels spending last night sleeping at Charleroi airport in Brussels after their flight was repeatedly delayed due to a technical error.

7th March 2018

“Malta has a special place in the heart of the United Kingdom,” Mr Davis said, during a meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and other members of his Cabinet.

6th March 2018

Two of the key issues for voters during the election were immigration and the economy.

1st March 2018

Mr Gates said that the anonymity of digital currencies meant they were linked to terrorist funding and money laundering.

23rd February 2018

Snap's shares sank after Ms Jenner's tweet about Snapchat's re-design to her 24.5 million Twitter followers.

30th January 2018

It says growth would be 5 per cent lower if Britain negotiated a free trade deal and 2 per cent lower even if the UK were to continue to adhere to the rules of the single market.

29th January 2018

Ingvar Kamprad, who founded IKEA at the age of 17, died on Sunday at his home in Småland, aged 91.

18th January 2018

Growth of tourism from China has risen more than that from other major economies such as the USA, Russia or Brazil.

17th January 2018

Intra-euro area trade rose to €165.5bn in November 2017, up by 6.9 per cent compared with November 2016.

16th January 2018

“We, here on the continent, haven’t had a change of heart. Our hearts are still open to you,” European Council President Donald Tusk said.

Marie-Claire Grima - 15th January 2018

The company confirmed that organisations on Facebook may see the popularity of their posts decrease as the changes take effect over the coming weeks.

10th January 2018

Among the large economies, the up-rating is especially marked for the Eurozone, though the bank still thinks it will slow somewhat this year, but by less than its previous forecast.

Marie-Claire Grima - 9th January 2018

2018, the year that sees Valletta holding the title of European Capital of Culture, is also the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

5th January 2018

Mac products are often considered to be less vulnerable to security issues than tech products from other brands.

4th January 2018

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says the split from Brussels will be regretted for generations to come.

5th December 2017

Blacklisted countries could lose access to EU funds, according to France's Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

15th December 2017

Britain as a financial centre netted a total trade surplus of $93.6 billion in 2016, more than the next two leading countries – the United States and Switzerland – combined, TheCityUK said.