Rebecca Anastasi - 13th October 2019

Founding member of EG Legal Elizabeth Gaerty contends that while in personal life, a female predisposition to cautiousness is helpful, this is not such a good thing in business life.


Helena Grech - 8th October 2019

Mr Bezzina speaks out on lessons learnt in the cab industry over the years, expectations of what’s to come and the vital importance of technology to improve customer experience.

Rebecca Anastasi - 6th October

Joseph Cachia & Son’s Maronna Filletti believes women should ‘bite the bullet’ and try all opportunities before them, despite sometimes suffering a lapse in confidence.


Timothy Vella - 5th October 2019

‘Now is the time to stop, reflect on our situation and improve,’ said AX Group’s Denise Micallef Xuereb

Rebecca Anastasi - 26th September

‘…Female business leaders still require more networking opportunities, access to funding and further encouragement to make use of their entrepreneurial energy,’ says Amanda Xuereb, CDO of Toly Group.


Rebecca Anastasi - 22nd September 2019

Denise Micallef Xuereb, Construction and Development Director for the AX Group discusses the way forward for stronger, more meaningful representation of women in the workforce.

Martina Said - 15th September 2019

‘Art is primarily an intellectual activity, not the gesture of the hand,’ said Luciano.

Rebecca Anastasi - 14th September 2019

Maria Bartolo Zahra, Co-founder and HR Aviser of SurgeAdvisory believes it highly important for women to be taught about empowerment and entrepreneurship from a young age.

Cassi Camilleri - 1st September

‘..The cruise industry is bringing 800,000 tourists to experience Malta for the day and this is a huge value that our industry provides for tourism in Malta,’ says company CEO Stephen Xuereb.

Jo Caruana - 31st August 2019

‘As technology evolves and spreads, we’ll probably see an increase in adoption among an older audience,’ says company CEO Liran Golan.


Sarah Micallef - 25th August 2019

“..Unity does not come about by merely wishing for it. We have to work hard to achieve it,” says President George Vella.


Marie-Claire Grima

‘Food waste is becoming an increasingly hot topic, not just due to environmental concerns, but also due to the economic implications that it presents,’ says Joe Tanti, CEO of the Malta Business Bureau.


Jo Caruana - 15th August 2019

‘Our Ministry, in particular, faces an uphill struggle because everything we do is connected to human beings, and that means a lot of very strong emotions must be taken into consideration,’ says Family Minister Michael Falzon.


Helena Grech - 14th August 2019

“Of interest to me are those developments which enhance implementation of monitoring and flagging bad behaviour in the way we deal with things in our societies, our service industry and also in public administration,” says Senior Partner at Ganado Advocates, Max Ganado.

Sarah Micallef - 12th August 2019

The views can be enjoyed from anywhere within due to glass partitions, without, crucially, compromising on privacy, thanks to expert acoustic treatments.


Marie-Claire Grima - 11th August 2019

From local media to international news outlets, it became a catch-all phrase that captured Malta’s forward-thinking vision in this technological realm.


Jo Caruana - 9th August 2019

American author and life coach Steve Shallenberger has inspired countless people through his motivational talks and book ‘Becoming Your Best – the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders’.


Rebecca Anastasi - 8th August 2019

Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, upending traditional approaches to healthcare and more, but what impact has it had on the growing world of Esports?


Rebecca Anastasi - 4th August 2019

With bumper-to-bumper traffic flaring tempers, and the contentious proposals for a Gozo car tunnel swiftly approved in Parliament, calls for a revolution in the way we see transport have recently made the headlines.

Jo Caruana - 3rd August 2019

Each GoTo car potentially replaces 43 private cars on the roads,” explains company CEO Liran Golan.


Helena Grech - 28th July 2019

While there are countless use cases for smart contracts, there remain other aspects surrounding smart contracts that need to develop further, not least of which are development glitches, common standards.


Jo Caruana - 27th July 2019

Yacht sales have peaked in the last 24 months too, and it now remains to be seen whether the economy can maintain this pace


Helena Grech - 21st July 2019

Leave-supporting Boris Johnson is likely to be elected UK Prime Minister next week.


Marie-Claire Grima - 20th July 2019

Matthew Scerri, Senior Manager, KPMG Software, and Mark O’Sullivan, Advisor, Gaming, map out what’s next for Malta’s ever-growing digital sector, and KPMG Malta’s role in its continuous expansion.


Martina Said - 15th June 2019

Co-founders of Forward Architects, Chris Micallef and Michael Pace, share their thoughts on the importance of well-thought-out office design, and how a successful design comes down to one crucial thing: a good brief.


Helena Grech - 13th July 2019

After 10 years in business, E&S Head of Legal Anton Mifsud speaks of brain-drain challenges on the island, despite having an optimistic outlook thanks to newly introduced laws regulating blockchain.


Martina Said - 7th July 2019

‘When I started seven months ago…. blockchain wasn’t being widely embraced, the reason being that many still confused blockchain with cryptocurrency. However, things have changed,’ says Malta Digital Innovation Authority CEO Stephen McCarthy.


Rebecca Anastasi - 6th July

‘FinTech facilitates cross-border business, so it is important for the MFSA to interact with its peers with the aim of exchanging views on how technological innovation can make financial services more efficient,’ says MFSA Chief Officer for Strategy, Policy and Innovation, Dr Christopher P Buttigieg.


30th June 2019

‘Communication is key to business success as it enables business owners to connect with suppliers, stakeholders and ultimately their clients,’ says Arthur Azzopardi


Sarah Micallef - 29th June 2019

Given that this is a whole ecosystem, it doesn’t just have to do with ICT professionals – we also need lawyers and engineers specialising in IT, says Mr Schembri.