26th January 2020

In a feature published by the Malta Chamber’s annual publication, Economic Vision 2020, a number of business leaders share their thoughts for the upcoming year. This is the first part of that series.


20th January 2020

While visiting The Concept Store, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that the experience is as much about savoring the space as it is about discovering the carefully curated products within.


Jo Caruana - 19th January 2020

He also believes that it is Malta’s willingness to listen to forward-thinking industries that make it special and appealing.


Rebecca Cachia - 18th January 2020

In anticipation of what the coming year has in store, Malta’s Shadow Finance Minister, Mario De Marco, shares his insight.


Martina Said - 12th January 2020

In a time of global economic unease, Malta and its economy continue to show signs of strength and resilience. But what does the forecast look like for the medium- and long-term?

Jo Caruana - 11th January 2020

Following months of work on the creation of the Malta Chamber’s upcoming Economic Vision for 2020-2025, Chamber President David Xuereb believes there is no better time to consider the path that we are on economically – and reshape it.


Sarah Micallef - 5th January 2020

Around this time last year, the sister isle welcomed a unique foodie concept the likes of which Malta and Gozo hadn’t seen before.


Rebecca Anastasi - 4th January 2020

‘Proposals for local manufacture are evaluated in line with the national laws and international obligations, including comprehensive requirements related to GMP certification, responsible personnel, analytical consistency, security measures and reporting responsibilities.’

28th December

While the Maltese economy is highly diversified and has sound macroeconomic underpinnings, there are challenges afoot.


Jo Caruana - 22nd December 2019

‘GoTo will continue to play an important role, not just by bringing a more sustainable approach with shared mobility solutions, but also by building the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, which we plan to open up to everyone in the future.’

21st December 2019

‘Being part of the forum of discussion was crucial for Malta, as it’s vital for us to participate in decision-making processes which may ultimately lead to policy changes affecting Europe and its member states’.


Cassi Camilleri - 14th December 2019

Education institutions such as the University of Malta, as well as private education centres, have begun providing courses in the realm of blockchain, helping to prepare the local workforce.


Rebecca Anastasi - 13th December 2019

Industry insiders discuss the progress made by the updated Gaming Act, as well as difficulties the sector faces from a Europe-wide perspective.


Rebecca Anastasi - 8th December 2019

‘We’ve launched a process and this document delineates a pattern in a stream of actions to clarify a sense of direction.’

7th December

The upcoming year will involve working together with Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Malta Foundation (JAYE), MCAST and University students to organise seminars with educational and inspirational speakers on a variety of relevant topics such as start-ups, blockchain and artificial intelligence.


Mariella Camilleri - 26th November 2019

Members of the Saint James Eye Clinic team share their own personal experiences of undergoing eye laser treatment and Refractive Lens Exchange, and how treatment has impacted their lives.

Emma Mattei - 23rd November 2019

The expansion is testament to Lufthansa Technik’s confidence in the local aviation masterplan, as well as the local workforce, and will generate more high-quality jobs, says Lufthansa Tecknik Malta CEO Marcus Motschenbacher.


16th November 2019

Since the CSR committee was established, Prohealth has partnered with a number of NGOs to support its goal of strengthening the environment and the well-being of youth.

Helena Grech - 2nd November 2019

‘Simply put, the system offers more protection and peace of mind to both lessor and lessee.’


Timothy Vella - 26th October 2019

‘Mainstream successes in the gaming world keep getting bigger and bigger, and the next big thing is happening sooner rather than later,’ says Eden Sports CEO Simon Theuma.


25th October 2019

From large-scale infrastructural projects such as the Malta-Sicily interconnector, to the supply of automated devices, Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd, a subsidiary of M. Demajo Group, has been at the forefront of using innovation to transform the islands.


Rebecca Anastasi - 20th October 2019

‘I think women are very inspired by time spent together, so idea sharing should be central to future strategies on how to foster entrepreneurship,’ says Writemeanything’s Jo Caruana.


Helena Grech - 19th October 2019

‘Since Malta is at the forefront in regulating blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures, traditional but important service providers, such as the banking sector, are yet to catch up with the VFA service providers’ needs,’ says BDO Malta partner Josef Mercieca.


Rebecca Anastasi - 13th October 2019

Founding member of EG Legal Elizabeth Gaerty contends that while in personal life, a female predisposition to cautiousness is helpful, this is not such a good thing in business life.


Helena Grech - 8th October 2019

Mr Bezzina speaks out on lessons learnt in the cab industry over the years, expectations of what’s to come and the vital importance of technology to improve customer experience.

Rebecca Anastasi - 6th October

Joseph Cachia & Son’s Maronna Filletti believes women should ‘bite the bullet’ and try all opportunities before them, despite sometimes suffering a lapse in confidence.


Timothy Vella - 5th October 2019

‘Now is the time to stop, reflect on our situation and improve,’ said AX Group’s Denise Micallef Xuereb

Rebecca Anastasi - 26th September

‘…Female business leaders still require more networking opportunities, access to funding and further encouragement to make use of their entrepreneurial energy,’ says Amanda Xuereb, CDO of Toly Group.


Rebecca Anastasi - 22nd September 2019

Denise Micallef Xuereb, Construction and Development Director for the AX Group discusses the way forward for stronger, more meaningful representation of women in the workforce.

Martina Said - 15th September 2019

‘Art is primarily an intellectual activity, not the gesture of the hand,’ said Luciano.