Investing in Energy Project: Call of Interest

As part of the Investing in Energy Project, the Malta Business Bureau is issuing a call of interest to all Energy Efficiency product and service suppliers.

Responding suppliers will be placed on a specifically designed database which will be circulated to potential clients which are interested in increasing the energy efficiency of their businesses. Additionally, the MBB will inform suppliers of developments related to their sector and involve them in relevant project initiatives.

The Investing in Energy project is engaging larger energy consuming Medium-Sized Enterprises, principally within the manufacturing sector and the import, distribution and retail sectors. The project aims to facilitate enterprises improving their energy efficiency, and it will do so through an energy audit scheme, staff training workshops, and a mentoring programme pairing interested Medium-Sized Enterprises with best practice enterprises. The project will also organise a conference and carry out socio-economic studies into the impact of increased energy efficiency on Malta’s industry.

The Investing in Energy Project is led by the Malta Business Bureau in partnership with the Energy and Water Agency and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. With co-financing from Regulator for Energy and Water Services and the Ministry for the Economy Investment and Business.

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Investing in Energy Project: Call of Interest