1st September 2021

Neighbour intervention has become an inevitable concomitant of any development project of a certain ...

Andre Farrugia

The importance of accurate valuations in insurance

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REITs can play an important part in an investment portfolio because they can offer a strong, stable ...

Kurt Mifsud

A checklist on what to look out for or what to ask when viewing potential properties to rent

JP Fabri

The Renovation Wave seeks to improve the quality of life for people living in and using the building...

Dr. Marlon Borg and Dr. Jurgen Dingli

The subjectivity involved in a valuation process means that there is no single correct approach, but...

Dr. Marie Briguglio

Rents were shooting up and issues of affordability, security and quality standards were all being fl...

Derrick Maguire

Is there such a thing as a best time at all?

Thomas Cremona

Reasons why the Maltese prefer to purchase may be varied, though a couple of observations include li...

Etienne Licari

Restrictions for safeguarding the health of our nationals caused the hospitality, catering, and reta...

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People sitting on cash when the best opportunities arise can get the best bargains.

Orlanda Grech

What if the next big disruptor isn’t a what but a who?

Chris Grech

The real estate industry is a growing, prosperous industry that has transformed into a powerhouse.

Kevin Deguara

How about a stylish, luxury home in Malta – but with a twist?

D H Camilleri

This article is a summary of a recent study published by Perit Denis Camilleri

Justin Mizzi

Architecture can be described as “the will of an epoch translated into space”. Is this really the be...

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