Is Your Business Cyber Secure?

23rd October 2019

“An ever-increasingly connected world, keeps providing incredible new opportunities, but also exposes our businesses to new threats”

“Business is, without a doubt, one of the fields that has benefitted most from recent technological advancements”, said Chamber President Perit David Xuereb during the first CyberSecurity Summit, held on Wednesday 23rd October. The President said that “many areas of business have seized the opportunity and achieved significant growth in the last few decades, primarily due to this reason.”

While he noted that developments in technology have left an overall positive impact on the business sector, through improved and efficient communication methods, these changes cannot be taken for granted. “An ever-increasingly connected world, keeps providing incredible new opportunities, but also exposes our businesses to new threats”, he said.

Perit Xuereb warned that “No business is too small to be at risk of a cyber-attack.” He said that even though it is normally the large companies which make the news when they are faced by an attack, smaller enterprises should be considered to face the same risk probability of suffering from such an attack.

He stated that, whilst effects of cyber-attacks have also been felt with regards to local companies, “Cybersecurity is not a problem to be solved, but a continuous threat that demands constant attention.”

Perit Xuereb noted the Chamber’s efforts towards protecting and raising awareness of such issues amongst its members, and the business sector in general. He mentioned how the Chamber welcomed the National Cyber Security Awareness and Education Campaign, launched in October 2018 and thanked MITA and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation for their cooperation.

He also made reference to the Chamber’s participation in a survey conducted in collaboration with MITA, among Maltese businesses. The Chamber also held a focus group session between local SME business owners “to elicit and asses the level of cyber security awareness among SMEs in Malta”.

Moreover, the Chamber President noted that “The Chamber is fully aware of the importance of this subject and has already lent its support to all working to create awareness in this field.” In fact, the Chamber recently started helping, the Malta Police Force, through its media, to shed light on the most common threats in cyber-security.

Whilst expressing the Chamber’s support to the B Secure Scheme that has been launched by the Honourable Silvio Schembri, Perit Xuereb stated that “Chamber supports any Scheme for the private industry that offers assistance”, adding that he is confident the Scheme launched “will provide the necessary opportunities for business to enhance their cyber security posture.”

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