Jack Welch, ‘Manager of the Century’, dies aged 84

4th March 2020

Çredited with being a champion of corporate efficiency and influencing generations of business leaders, the legendary top business executive passed away on Monday, 19 years after his official retirement.

Nicknamed ‘Neutron Jack’ because of his blunt style and continuous cost-cutting decisions, Mr Welch was named ‘Manager of the Century’ by Fortune magazine in 1999.

Mr Welch passed away on Monday at 84 years-old as a result of kidney failure.

He joined General Electric Co. in 1960 as a chemical engineer, being named Vice President in 1972 and Chairman seven years later. He became CEO in 1981, a post he retained until his official retirement just a few days before the terrorist attack on the US in September 2001.

Under his watch, GE’s value shot up from $12 billion to $410 billion.

“I like challenging people,” he told an interviewer not long after his retirement, “I like debate. I like all those things. And, yet, I love having a drink with them too.”

His asset valuation was put at over $500 million, although it has never been publicly confirmed.

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