Japan Air announces feature tackling crying infants onboard flights

30th September 2019 

When passengers with small children reserve seats, an icon will appear on the seating plan.

Japan Air has announced an online booking tool which allows passengers to see where infants will be seated during long-haul flights. The news has been met with a mixture of praise and criticism, with some commenting that people should be more tolerant of babies.

When passengers with children aged between eight days and two years old reserve their seat, a child icon will automatically appear on the seat plan, the Guardian reports.

This does not guarantee that passengers will be out of earshot of a screaming child, while the icon does not appear when booking flight tickets through a third-party sight, or if there is a last-minute change of aircraft, according to the airline’s website.

The Guardian reports on a spokesperson for another Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways, who said that it has been offering this service “for a while”.

30th September 2019

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26th September 2019

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