Jobs in Malta

3rd June 2019

From local to offshore talent, working in Malta has become ideal for those individuals looking to form part of an innovative and inclusive community of talent.

Digital transformation continues to shape the way companies structure their approach towards providing efficient solutions and staying ahead of the competition. On a local level, the number of jobs in Malta continues to increase as digital innovation is shaping working trends and opportunities.

Ringing in the best talent is a progressive focus for companies in Malta today, especially as the job market becomes more competitive and the demand for specialised skill more rapid. Such changes in working culture means greater opportunities for professionals seeking jobs in Malta. Companies across multiple industries are generating more jobs in Malta for a wide range of professionals. From local to offshore talent, working in Malta has become ideal for those individuals who are looking to form part of an innovative and inclusive community of talent.

Jobs in Malta are progressing for roles in finance and technology, especially as sectors such as those of FinTech and iGaming leverage themselves through upcoming business opportunities in areas of Blockchain and AI. With a regulatory framework for Blockchain technology to operate in Malta being put into effect, it is no surprise that the demand for specific skills in these areas of technology are generating more jobs in Malta for professionals in tech. 

It is important to recognise that as working cultures develop, jobs in Malta are set to evolve too. For instance, the popularity of tech professionals pursuing freelance work for a variety of clients in Malta means that local companies should tap into the growing source of on-demand talent to offer more jobs in Malta for the growing gig economy. As this new stream of talent acquisition gains further ground, freelancers in Malta will most certainly take advantage of increased working and networking opportunities to reach out to more clients and strengthen the relationships with existing ones. Therefore, it seems safe to say that jobs in Malta are set to tune into the growing demands of the workforce, offering flexible and remote working options for employees.

This can be said for foreigners as well as locals who are securing jobs in Malta. Currently, Malta offers attractive rates for professionals in select industries to bring in top and experienced talent to its shores. Moreover, Malta’s desirable characteristics in terms of leisure, entertainment and activities firmly roots the island as a top destination choice for expats seeking a new challenge or opportunity. The fact that the English language is also an official language of Malta also greatly sets it apart from other destinations around the globe.

By keeping up with evolving industry trends, Maltese companies can ensure that the jobs in Malta they provide for professionals in their industry will be considerate not only to their objectives, but also to the requirements and needs of their potential employees.

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The units are expected to be finished and handed over to clients by Q3/2022.

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