John Charles Ellul - The CEO Has To Carry A Dream, And Be A Driver For Change

Jo Caruana - 27th February 2019

Renowned for his decades of experience and unique expertise in the field, John Charles Ellul was the ideal candidate to help Malta’s forensic and intelligence industry take its place in the international limelight.

“After being posted in both the army and police force forensic laboratories for 25 years, I assisted with the establishment of the first ‘Scene of Crime’ Unit in Malta,” John recalls. “Over 13 years I rose through the ranks at the Unit, becoming heavily involved in its operation and actively participating in various high-level roles and workshops throughout Europe. This created opportunities for me to benchmark my competences across the rest of the region, and I eventually became well-known in the industry for having expertise in various fields, including the provision of high-level forensic technical solutions.”

His time as the officer in charge of the Forensic Science Laboratory also served to mould John’s approach to working in the industry. “I have always had an applied approach, rather than a desk-based approach to my work,” John says. “My degree in criminology helped to apply my knowledge in the context of police work, for example. When I was asked to run the forensic lab, I realised I had a vacuum in my competences in terms of business management, so I gained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Henley Business School. It’s not just about being a scientist, it’s also about being equipped with the adequate administrative skills.”

Later, John found that the opportunities to increase his skillset were coupled with one-of-a-kind work offers. “Before I retired from the Police Force in 2010 – having achieved the rank of Senior Inspector there – I was hand-picked by FRONTEX to develop a training programme that would be used by 480,000 European border guards. Today, this advanced training tool on document management and identification is still being used for border guard training and it has since been translated into 25 different languages.”

Renowned for his decades of experience and unique expertise in the field, John Charles Ellul was the ideal candidate to help Malta’s forensic and inte

John also came to realise that his unique set of competences may be applied to the business side of forensic solutions. “I realised I was in the unique position of having both the knowledge and the experience in the industry, so, when I retired from the unit in 2010, I decided to branch out into business,” he explains. “My time at Henley, combined with my tenure with the police and forensic lab where I had worked with global market leaders in various high-end technologies, had already afforded me numerous contacts in the industry and opened doors for me in the business arena. Here was a niche market in which I saw the opportunity to create a new business and become a major service provider on the Maltese islands.”

In 2010, John set about building his business around his contacts and expertise. “I was approached to serve the company as a consultant to this niche market, and I relied on direct communication with global market leaders based on my credibility and standing within the industry, bringing into the company many reputable manufacturers and suppliers,” he explains. “Once the company was streamlined, I became Managing Director, and the business was then totally dependent on my contacts, access, expertise and knowledge.”

John’s approach to leading the company is as ambitious as it is focused. “I always dreamed of running the show, but being in charge demands that I bring home the business, both today and in the future. The CEO has to carry a dream, and to be a driver for change and innovation within the industry. The company’s mission, ever since it was established, is to offer defence, security and high-end forensic solutions. My aim is for Prosecure to remain a key intelligence provider for the industry.”

Renowned for his decades of experience and unique expertise in the field, John Charles Ellul was the ideal candidate to help Malta’s forensic and inte

However, John points out that becoming the market leader in the intelligence industry is not without its challenges. “There have always been challenges, but increasingly, the greatest is to convince our clients that the new security-related technology and systems – which are generally expensive – are required to take them to the next generation of business. Our job is to build their trust in our expertise; not to sell solutions, but rather to help our clients live in a safer environment.”

To ensure that Prosecure remains a market leader in the industry, John must also stay one step ahead of rapidly-developing technology. “When we plan a solution and enter the design phase, we must always consider the future. Our technology must not be obsolete upon its introduction, so we must ensure that all solutions have at least a five-year lifespan.”

Since looking to the future is such an important aspect of John’s work, he has a clear vision for what the next five years will hold for Prosecure. “We are currently working on the latest breakthroughs in intelligence, which focus on enhanced biometrics such as facial recognition, fingerprints, artificial intelligence and other behaviours, while striking a balance between the right to privacy and the need to maintain a safe and secure society. Over the coming years the company will have a stronger local and international presence in the intelligence industry, but we will always stay customer-orientated – we will keep taking our clients to another dimension.” is proud to be serialising MaltaCEOs 2019, a high-profile publication consisting of 50 in-depth interviews with leading CEOs in Malta. Celebrating the most influential business minds in the country, two different interviews will be featured on this business news portal week by week. MaltaCEOs was created by Content House Group in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry.

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