Journalist Vanessa Macdonald appointed Communications Co-ordinator at the Central Bank of Malta

Helena Grech - 17th July 2019

“I was very humbled to think that such exciting challenges could come along at the age of 60,” Ms Macdonald remarked of her new position.

Veteran journalist Vanessa Macdonald has been appointed as Communications Coordinator at the Central Bank of Malta, and will begin her new role shortly.

“This opportunity came by at the perfect time, offering me the chance to use not only the communications skills that I had honed during my stint as the Times of Malta business editor – especially now that my input into the Business Observer has ended – but also my economics training,” said Ms Macdonald when speaking with MaltaChamber.

Ms Macdonald will be tasked with overseeing various communication functions, such as managing the Bank’s website, publishing, public relations, event management, social outreach and media relations.

Ms Macdonald has enjoyed a varied career in journalism, having worked as Head of business content for The Times of Malta, The Sunday Times of Malta and the Business Observer. In addition to this, she sporadically hosted the newspaper’s digital current affairs programme.

“I had also spent time as communications coordinator at GO and BOV, in both cases overseeing the evolution of a professional existing set-up to reflect external changes in stakeholder expectations,” she added.

In a press release, a spokesperson for the Central Bank remarked that “her invaluable combination of experience with the media and economic affairs will play an important role as the Central Bank of Malta seeks to intensify its engagement with all stakeholders over the coming years”.

Ms Macdonald concluded by saying that she “was very humbled to think that such exciting challenges could come along at the age of 60!”

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