Lack of direction on climate policy holding back business investment – OECD

21st November 2019 

The organisation warned that while growth forecasts remain steady at 3%, risks to the global outlook have increased.

Leading international organisation The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has warned that risks to the global outlook have increased, remarking that a lack of clear direction regarding climate policy is preventing business investment.

In its latest report, it remarked the global outlook prospects have steadily deteriorated, and that while growth forecast remains 3 per cent, risks have substantially increased.

A leading international economic organisation has warned that risks to the global outlook have increased.

While the OECD report falls short of predicting a recession, the tone is markedly less positive. It calls on governments to act on global challenges, which have both long term and more immediate repercussions.

Homing in on the issue of climate change, the OECD commented that extreme weather events could result in the disruption of economic activity and inflict lasting damage on both capital and land.

The report also expressed concern about disorderly migration flows, and substandard policy to mitigate the frequency of such events.

22nd November 2019

She called on member state Governments to invest more in ‘new European policy mix.’

21st November 2019

The aim is to lock gamblers out of machines for 30 seconds if erratic or excessive play is detected.

20th November 2019

E&S Group’s legal associate Jacob Portelli discusses the EU’s approach to money-laundering directives, calling for the need for regulation rather than ‘patch-work’ directives.

20th November 2019

The governors appointed by the private sector are Dr Wayne Pisani as President of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP), Dr Matthew Bianchi representing the Insurance Industry (MIMA, AIB, MIA), Mr Karol Gabarretta representing the Banking sector as Secretary General of the Malta Bankers Association (MBA), and Mr Kenneth Farrugia representing the Malta Asset Servicing Association (MASA).