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Launch of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scheme 2022

21st October 2022

This scheme will help bridge the gap between the skills that one obtains from University and the needs of the local industry

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, together with the University of Malta and Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth, Research and Innovation Launched the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scheme 2022.

The objective of this scheme is to offer opportunity to students who graduated with a doctorate to join local businesses to conduct research. Hence, students who obtained their doctorates both locally and abroad, will have the chance to put what they have learned into practice with the aim of helping the local industry while gaining the necessary experience.

The President of The Malta Chamber, Ms Marisa Xuereb, said that "The Malta Chamber has mentioned time and time again about the lack of skills within the local market and the need to raise productivity. Research, with the help of technology, increases productivity with the aim of offering a better product with more efficiency and less spending. This scheme will help bridge the gap between the skills that one obtains from University and the needs of the local industry, while creating more collaboration between the University and employers. The ultimate aim of such schemes is to help the industry explore new niches."

The Rector of the University of Malta, Prof. Alfred Vella reiterated that "the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scheme will provide a much-needed opportunity for the University of Malta to work closely with The Malta Chamber and the Parliamentary Secretariat with the aim of implementing various projects for research and innovation which leave a strong impact in the local industry. We are pleased to welcome this opportunity to increase the number of post-doctoral students from University who carry out quality research projects relevant to the Maltese economy."

The Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation, Keith Azzopardi Tanti stressed the importance of such collaborations, while repeating that "despite the economic difficulties that the world is facing at this moment, the Maltese Government is continuing to invest in research and education sectors by raising more interest from graduate students who contribute to the industrial sector of our country. Through this budget measure that came into force, the Government is giving an incentive to the local industry so that, together with local researchers, they expand their products and services, thus increasing -business and competitiveness in the international market."

The Post Doctorate Fellowship Scheme is open to students who have just obtained their doctorate and who with the help of the University wish to collaborate with local businesses, as well as to those businesses who already employ local researchers and who show the desire to carry out a research project. Each selected project will be financed with a maximum of €60,000 per year for each researcher, which can be extended for a period of two years.

For more information visit this link or send an email to

Applications can be downloaded from the same site and are open until 18 November 2022 at 12pm.

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Launch of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scheme 2022