Leading 3D printing solutions company wins Malta International Business Awards ‘Innovation’ category

12th December 2019 

Thought3D Ltd’s products, recognised internationally, are fully Made in Malta.

At the second edition of the Malta International Business Awards, Thought3D Ltd, having demonstrated that its products are innovative and have led to a significant increase in export revenue, won the prestigious Innovation Exporter Category Award.

Thought3D Ltd is largely not well known in Malta, but this small sized company has made waves internationally in the Additive Manufacturing Industry with its high-quality products being adopted by most.

First held in 2017, Malta’s premier international business awards, created by TradeMalta with the strategic support of HSBC Bank Malta, awards businesses across a range of categories. Running for the second time the categories were: Exporter of the Year in Small, Medium, Large, and Emerging Markets, Innovation Exporter of the Year, High Potential Exporter of the Year, Online Exporter, and Overall Exporter of the Year.

Thought3D was setup in 2014 by two young Maltese entrepreneurs, who, through various research and development projects gradually shifted their focus to 3D printing, which was just experiencing its shift into mainstream engineering. As patents in the field were just expiring, the field opened-up to research and development. Dr. Keith M. Azzopardi and Edward Borg quickly realised that this was a good opportunity and they managed to find a gap in the market.

The key to success was making the 3D printing process as reliable and effortless as possible. To this end, they developed and released their first product in 2015, an adhesive under the brand of Magigoo. This was made possible also, thanks to the University of Malta and the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses led TakeOff Seed Fund Awards, which they won. They also won the Malta Innovation Award for the invention of Magigoo that same year.

After strengthening their team with the addition of then TakeOff Manager, Andrei-Andy Linnas and securing much needed seed funding from local angel investors they reiterated the product in 2016. The continuous support from Malta Enterprise, also in the form of start-up and research grants, meant that the team could focus more wholly on developing and innovating. The collaborations with leading local companies such as Firstbridge Services Ltd, BRND WGN and Ganado Advocates, also played an integral role in putting Thought3D on the map.

In 2018, the company started focusing more on the needs of industrial users and within two years, Magigoo, evolved from one product into a product line consisting of 8 specific different glues that make sure that whatever material the 3D printing industry wants to print with, it can. The Magigoo versions are Original, Flex, PC, PA, PP, PPGF, HT, and 316L.

Thought3D and its products are well recognised internationally, since the Magigoo products provide much needed value. Magigoo products securely hold the prints during printing ensuring a successful print, however, and this is the most interesting part, they also release their adhesion upon print completion allowing for easy removal.

The team is now focusing on developing further products, that help in making additive manufacturing even more reliable and seamless. Thought3D is putting the ‘MADE IN MALTA’ on the map of future manufacturing and is always searching for new capital to fuel the commercialisation of new products and production methods. To learn more about Thought3D get in touch with the team at andy@thought3d.com.

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