Leading ICT Standards Meeting to be Hosted in Malta

26th September 2019 

'Establishing standards to guide in the maturity of the IT profession will provide enormous benefits to the IT professional and practitioner community-engaged across various business and government sectors.'

The eSkills Malta Foundation, on 23rd October, will welcome over twenty high-calibre ICT professionals, coming from various EU member states, to meet in Malta for their next CEN/TC428 plenary meeting.

“We are excited about this and events like this remind us of the responsibility that all of us must recognise in the midst of the fast development of the ICT industry,” said Carm Cachia, eSkills Malta Foundation Chief Administrator.

CEN is the recognised European Standards committee, and the CEN/TC 428 is the technical committee with the responsibility for the standardisation of a common language of professional digital and IT competences, skills and knowledge applied in all domains. In 2018, the mission of CEN/TC 428 was also given an added remit of establishing all aspects of standardization related to maturing the IT Profession in all public and private sectors. The committee meets three or four times a year, depending on urgency, in one of the EU member states. The eSkills Malta Foundation was authorised by MCCAA, the national standards body, to represent the country in this important ICT standards committee.

Mr Cachia added that “Establishing standards to guide in the maturity of the IT profession will provide enormous benefits to the IT professional and practitioner community-engaged across various business and government sectors. Additionally these standards must take into consideration wider implications related to the European Union single market strategy and policy, industry requirements, innovation trends and last but not least social needs.

“To ensure a net positive effect on our ICT Profession, and in order to help our organisations to grow and thrive in a sustainable manner, we need to embrace Digital Transformation. Resisting or shelving it will render ICT professionals less effective, not to mention that they will be working against the strong wave of the corporate culture of development and change,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Cachia added that “Today’s ICT Professionals need to be well informed and in this respect, an IT Professionalism Conference on the 24th October, to be organised by the eSkills Malta Foundation, will contribute well towards that. A number of professional yet interesting subjects will be presented by leading local and European speakers working in the IT Industry and skills development.”

“We highly encourage ICT professionals, CIO’s, digital leaders and practitioners to save this date and attend this IT Professionalism Conference. ICT Professionals can leave their busy world for a day and engage and discuss a number of topical subjects.”

For more information please visit: eskills.org.mt/maltaitprofessionalismconference

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