Leaks reveal 2020 iPhones to receive massive changes

23rd July 2019

Tech-insider Ice Universe says Apple is considering making changes which will result in a significant upgrade to in the iPhone user experience.

Leaks via Twitter from the well-known industry insider Ice Universe show that Apple is working to set up its 2020 iPhones with the most radical display in the phone’s history.

Ice Universe reported that Apple is considering making changes which will result in a significant upgrade in the iPhone user experience.

In technical terms, Forbes reports that Apple will “combine the 120Hz ProMotion technology seen in the LCD displays of iPad Pros with the OLED panels of premium iPhones”.

Forbes goes on to say that the source of the leak is “interesting” because Ice Universe usually specialises in Samsung with “deep supply chain links,” however it points out that Apple mainly sources it displays from Samsung.

Technology journalist Gordon Kelly writes that from a technological perspective this is supported by the massive difference in the iPad Pro’s ProMotion display to iPhones, making the latter look “prehistoric”. This will result in older iPhone models feeling far slower than the new models, Mr Kelly reports.

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