Let common sense prevail

3rd July 2019

The Chamber expresses its grave concern on industrial action intended to interrupt Air Malta’s services.

In a statement to the media, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said it was once again in support of the national airline and those negotiating on its behalf to ensure it remained in a position to operate uninterruptedly, and into the future.

The Chamber was expressing its grave concern on industrial action intended to interrupt Air Malta’s services.

"Such action would not only result in devastating effects on the airline itself, but also on the country’s economy at large"

Th chamber lamented that it was most unfortunate that a small yet important section of the company employees was once again threatening to paralyze the entire operation of the airline jeopardising the livelihood of their colleagues in other sections of the airline and with them all businesses and workers whose livelihood depends on the national airline.

"The Malta Chamber has said time and time again that the national airline is instrumental to the smooth running of the entire economy with several sectors depending intimately on its efficient and reliable operation" the business organisation warned.

"It is high time that every player in the equation understands the responsibilities and implications of their actions and act responsibly in favour of the economic stability of the country. The country cannot allow itself to be hijacked by the personal interests of the few" the statement said.

The Malta Chamber called for common sense to prevail in unblocking the dangerous impasse for the economy and for the highest degree of responsibility on the negotiation table.

27th June 2019

‘Dialogue with the Prime Minister’ offers an exclusive opportunity to Malta Chamber members to meet the Prime Minister and debate tangible and real issues that affect their daily operations.

4th July 2019

"Countries which were not investing enough in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, would eventually fall behind in terms of competitiveness"

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and The Malta Institute of Accountants have signed a memorandum of understanding, intended to provide a structure for collaboration between the two bodies in the future.

11th July 2019

The Malta Chamber provided Mr Brincat with feedback about the limitations and pitfalls of EFSI on behalf of the local business community.