27th December 2019

The event has been taking place for a staggering 36 years.

26th December 2019

The woman, from Michigan, received a massive haul of gifts weighing around 40kg.

16th December 2019

Artificial Intelligence is being used by a team of musicologists and programmers to complete world-f...

Rebecca Anastasi - 15th December 2019

A low-down on the best bites and beverages to relish as the colder weather settles in.

4th December 2019

Heritage Malta is transforming For St Angelo in a Christmas village wherein the public can enjoy tra...

17th November 2019

Tina Mifsud sheds light on her creative processes and how self-discovery and are all part of the sam...

15th November 2019

He plans to embark on a PhD programme in electrical engineering while also studying for a degree in ...

5th November 2019

They all spoke out against the ban, for very different reasons.

31st October 2019

Move comes after mounting criticism of the ‘inhumane’ method of production involving force-feeding.

23rd October 2019

'In this book, one will find old resources together with new research, and the author’s thoughts...

11th October 2019

The conference will address one of the original tropes of fantasy and science-fiction literature, th...

27th September 2019

'Initiatives such as this promise to be of great benefit to the community since it not only prov...

24th September 2019

The theme of the exhibit is to embark on a journey of self-discovery in today’s global environment.

20th September 2019

His photographs were recently featured at the 2019 Oscars which were used as a background for the Ro...

20th September 2019

Hundreds are expected to take part in the planned 20th September climate strike this afternoon in Va...

18th September 2019

Malta would be the first country to embark on University of the Fourth Age

17th September 2019

The gathering will take place over three days, exploring why the movement gained traction and what i...

Martina Said - 15th September 2019

‘Art is primarily an intellectual activity, not the gesture of the hand,’ said Luciano.

10th September 2019

Plans for the new underpass have been amended to ensure preservation and accessibility of discovered...

3rd September 2019

Doctors warn of health-risks posed by poor nutrition.

26th August 2019

The pumice raft, estimated to be around 150 sq km, was created by an underwater volcano near Tonga.

22nd August 2019

Original conditions of the event would have meant those in attendance were not permitted to wear hee...

22nd August 2019

There will be no access to Mnajdra Temples at any time, Heritage Malta said.

22nd August 2019

Activity trackers were placed on those taking part, giving the study greater weight as it did not re...

Vanessa Conneely - 16th August 2019

Maltese artist Sarah Calleja opens up about how she combines her profession and hobby.

Rebecca Anastasi - 26th May 2019

When she left Malta at the age of 19, Paris-based artist Ġoxwa didn’t realise the rich Mediterranean...

Sarah Micallef

Inspired by primitive sources and that which truly makes us human, artist Gabriel Buttigieg has neve...

30th April 2019

Founded in 1919 when Chev Anthony Cassar first established the brand, Marsovin has since grown into ...

17th April 2019

“It is up to us to convert this disaster into an opportunity to come together," the President o...

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