Linking Enterprise – ‘Integrating Upward Feedback’

On 26th January 2017, the HR Committee within the Malta Chamber, organised a Linking Enterprise session focusing on the importance of employee feedback. PricwaterhouseCoopers Malta were identified as a member company with a best practice in the area of employee feedback.

Members in attendance were informed of the process, scope and benefits of PwC’s Upward Feedback Mechanism, whereby, through purpose built software, a manager can request feedback on diverse areas relevant to performance and operation from handpicked members of the team. As the request for feedback is personalized and targeted, the response rate achieved by PwC reliably exceeds expectations, generates quality feedback and eventually leads to performance and operations improvements.

Members in attendance engaged with PwC’s Human Capital Department in order to gain insight as to how such a system could be implemented in their particular business setups in order to generate effective improvements in the performance and workplace wellbeing of employees.

Should you wish to learn more about upward feedback or about the Malta Chamber’s Linking Enterprise service, kindly contact Mr Nigel Mifsud on or 2203 2317