Long queues across the UK as high street shops re-open

15th June 2020

Today is the first day that non-essential shops were allowed to reopen following the COVID-19 enforced lockdown.

Long queues of shoppers have been reported outside several non-essential shops in the UK today, marking the first day they were allowed to reopen since COVID-19 lockdown was imposed. 

According to different media sources, branches of Primark and Sports Direct were in the list of shops attracting the most customers to line-up outside before opening their doors this morning. 

Shoppers venturing to the shops were subjected to new measures before and after they enter stores, some of which, including restrictions on the number of people allowed inside at the same time, could partly explain the queues.

Last month, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Britons to spend in a bid to revive the economy following three months of lockdown.

Identity Malta is still offering most of its services online.

15th June 2020

Today marks the beginning of airport re-openings across several European countries.

12th June 2020

Hungary, Romania and Slovakia recorded the largest decreases across the bloc

12th June 2020

EU leaders will be holding a video summit with UK PM Boris Johnson