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Looking beyond the current situation 

6th October 2020

A global pandemic like Covid-19 provides an economy with the opportunity to re-think the way forward

During the television programme ‘TVAM’, The Malta Chamber President, Perit David Xuereb, weighed in on a number of issues that Malta is currently facing during the segment Ras Imb’Ras.

Speaking to Mario Xuereb about the upcoming Budget for 2021, Perit Xuereb stated that he was hopeful the economy would slowly but surely recover. “This upcoming budget is fundamental. The Maltese Government has been developing an economic vision for the next 30 years which greatly reflects The Malta Chamber’s Recommendations which we have worked on tirelessly for the past few months,” said David Xuereb. “It is now time to look beyond the current scenario as we focus on elements such as transport, AI, climate change, and infrastructure” Perit Xuereb noted.

Perit Xuereb spoke of the importance of making sure that the short-term assistance the country is providing, is in fact helping businesses that need it, without losing sight of the long term.

Speaking on the subject of good governance, Perit David Xuereb noted the work that was being done in the area, however, a long way remained ahead. The Chamber President concluded by saying, “As a Chamber of Commerce, we are always on the look out to ensure that good governance, which is at the heart of our economy, is upheld.”

When asked about what issues members of The Malta Chamber are facing right now in terms of economic activity, David Xuereb said that a global pandemic like Covid-19, although creating a number of threats, also provides an economy with the opportunity to re-think the way forward in terms of business efficiency and personal daily lives in order to adapt our current practices for the given situation.

On the subjects of the reopening of schools, he said that these were an integral part of the economy and society at large. “The Malta Chamber has been in various discussions over the past few weeks to ensure that schools re-open for the benefit of students and parents alike” The Chamber President concluded.

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Looking beyond the current situation