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Looking boldly ahead 

18th December 2020

Economic Vision 2021, Business, Finance, Economy out now. 

Economic Vision 2021, the annual special edition of Commercial Courier which reflects on the past year, and looks boldly ahead, is out and on its way to members of The Malta Chamber in the coming days.

As expected, this edition reflects on one of the most challenging years in living memory, as it features the views of Malta’s political and business leaders as they reflect on the past year while sharing their hopes for the future.

In a foreword titled ‘Looking Ahead’, The Malta Chamber reflects on an eventful 2020, which was characterised by unprecedented changes to the organisation, to businesses and the country as a whole. In addition, it sets out the goals to prioritise in 2021.

In an interview with Perit David Xuereb, The Malta Chamber President underlines the value of ‘Strength in Solidarity’, and weighs in on the opportunities that have impacted the Maltese business community as a result of Covid-19.

Members of the Board of Management of The Malta Chamber reflect on new approaches to operations.

In ‘Building a better tomorrow for Malta’, Prime Minister Robert Abela shares his thoughts on the successes achieved during this past extraordinary year and lays out a map for a better future in Malta. Leader of the Opposition Party, Bernard Grech, sheds some light on the importance of banding together to put Malta’s prosperity and its citizens above everything else in ‘Strengthening Malta together.’

Outgoing Minister for Finance and Financial Service Edward Scicluna, while warning against ignoring the changes that will come next year, he remains hopeful that Malta’s economy will regain its strength. In ‘Revisiting Malta’s economic model’, Shadow Minister for Finance, Mario de Marco discusses the numerous obstacles Malta has had to face and the need to adopt a new and sustainable economic model.

A number of leading entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy reflect on the lessons learnt during 2020, and how these can be built on in 2021.

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"Looking forward to continue offering a sterling service to businesses"

Looking boldly ahead