Major brand aims to replace entire range of coffee pods with eco-friendly ones

4th November 2019 

Lavazza’s compostable one-cup coffee pods will go on sale in the UK this week.

In an effort to mitigate the number of single-use coffee pods from ending up in landfills, Lavazza has announced its intention to replace its entire range of coffee pods with new eco-friendly ones by the end of the year.

A spokesperson for the giant coffee brand said the idea is to switch to an eco-friendly version of the coffee pod while maintaining the same retail price.

The Guardian reports that the first compostable one-cup coffee pods by Lavazza will go on sale this week.

Calculations on how many coffee pods end up in landfills each year vary. It is thought that in the UK alone, around 95m cups of coffee are drunk each day, while more and more people have turned to single serve pods. The pods can take up to 500 years to break down, the Guardian reports. It says that around 20bn capsules are consumer each year.

It is the complexity surrounding the packaging of coffee pods due to the different mix of materials used, such as plastic, foil and aluminium. Such materials then wind up with coffee dregs when being thrown away, making it difficult to recycle and process in standard recycling plants.

Lavazza says that its new eco-friendly pods, based on biopolymer, will take as little as six months to break down when combined with food waste for council collection – provided that local garbage rules allow for it.

Nespresso, a rival coffee brand that also produced single use coffee pods encourages consumers to send back their used aluminium capsules in special bags.

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