MAKE IT wins prestigious national enterprise support award

24th June 2019

MAKE IT aims at shedding a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector.

MAKE IT, the initiative to encourage young people to consider a career in manufacturing, was recognised by the National Support Awards, organised by the Commerce Department on Friday.

MAKE IT which is organised by the Malta Chamber, with the support of Malta Enterprise, aims at shedding a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector. The campaign highlights the advantages of a career in manufacturing, and is aimed at young persons. For this purpose, the campaign uses channels that are used by a younger audience such as social media while speaking a language which they understand.

The core element of the campaign is a number of testimonials that were purposely shot on video. The testimonials were provided by young individuals who expressed themselves on their choice to work in the manufacturing sector and why they prefer it to other career arrangements. In turn these short testimonials were shared on social media.

All interviewees spoke in detail about the advantages of the manufacturing industry which include the satisfaction they get by knowing they form part of a process that produces products that make a real difference in people’s lives.

They also describe the thrill of keeping themselves up to date with the latest technological advancements in their specific fields be it pharmaceuticals, injection moulding, food and beverage production and many others.

Testimonials also expressed themselves favourably about other satellite advantages of the sector such as working on shift, which allows them more time to do other things they love.

The National Enterprise Support Awards aim to foster more awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship, both on a local and on a national level.

27th June 2019

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24th June 2019

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