Malta Chamber and Kamra tal-Periti agree to collaborate further

29th October 2019

The organisations agreed to co-operate actively on matters of national economic policy of common interest to the business community and the architecture and civil engineering profession. 

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Kamra tal-Periti have signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday, with the aim to enhance collaboration between the two organisations.

By virtue of this agreement, the Malta Chamber and the Kamra tal-Periti have agreed to co-operate actively on matters of national economic policy of common interest to the business community and the architecture and civil engineering profession. To this end, the parties may assist and provide each other with expertise in relevant areas.

Moreover the parties shall engage in a meaningful dialogue with a view to support each other on a policy level.

kamra tal-periti2

“The Memorandum of Understanding being signed with the Kamra tal-Periti, is the latest in a series of collaboration agreements the Malta Chamber has entered with strategic organisations, in a bid to provide members with a stronger network of support” said Malta Chamber President Perit Xuereb ahead of the signing. “The agreement shall provide a formal environment within which the two organisations will be able to forge a strong relationship for the benefit of members from both sides. I am keen to see the fruit of such a relationship”

Perit Simone Vella Lenicker, President of the Kamra tal-Periti, stated that this Agreement marks an important milestone in the history of the Kamra, which will be celebrating its centenary next June. She remarked that “The Kamra and the Malta Chamber are aligned on a number of levels, most importantly in terms of ethical standards and the drive to promote economic growth - in this sense we will be working closely to ensure that the industry in general, and specifically the profession, contribute towards the Maltese economy in a sustainable manner that is respectful of the nation’s social, economic and environmental needs.”

The agreement was signed by President Perit David Xuereb and Deputy President Ms Marisa Xuereb on behalf of the Malta Chamber and President Simone Vella Lenicker and Vice President & Treasurer André Pizzuto on behalf of the Kamra tal-Periti.

30th October 2019

Ms Marisa Xuereb underlined Malta Chamber’s commitment to contribute towards helping developing the necessary talent, investment, and ecosystem to allow the AI sector to flourish, from start-ups to bigger tech leaders.

25th October 2019

“The more successful we are, the stronger and smarter our efforts must be to maintain and consolidate our winning position.”

24th October 2019

“The country needs to ensure that our operating costs and our overall investment conditions are better than those offered by other regions. Local and foreign investors alike no longer make decisions based on emotions but on pure facts and hard-data”

23rd October 2019

“An ever-increasingly connected world, keeps providing incredible new opportunities, but also exposes our businesses to new threats”