Malta Chamber and US Embassy in Malta, Promote Trade Opportunities

29th November 2018

Malta Chamber, US Embassy in Malta and AmCham Malta organise seminar on business and investment opportunities in the US.

“Our effort to bring our two nations closer and promote business collaboration will undoubtedly result in a prosperous future not only for the businesses communities but also for the people of both countries” said Frank V. Farrugia, during a seminar on business and investment opportunities in the United States of America, organised jointly with the US Embassy in Malta and AmCham Malta.

In his address, Mr Farrugia remarked that improving the international correspondent banking relations will go a long way to facilitate business between the two countries. He remarked that correspondent banks are necessary for commercial transactions with foreign companies and also for local banks to trade in the dollar.

“A practical and transparent solution needs to be found to ensure that companies can transact easily between our two countries”, he said.

29th November 2018

Chamber members had the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the Hon Roderick Galdes on the subject, proposing innovative ideas which were well-received.

20th November 2018

The Malta Chamber proposed that support measures to help businesses carry out investment in energy efficiency, ought to be given in grant form rather than as tax credits, as is the current practice.

15th November 2018

Numerous young entrepreneurs attended an event on the availability of funds for start-ups titled ‘Start-Up Strong: Access to Finance’ at the Malta Chamber on 13th November. The event which was organised in collaboration with BOV, formed part of SME Week.

16th November 2018

EU and UK negotiators reached a deal on a way forward for Brexit this week. The document provides for a customs union between Ireland and Northern Ireland, and access for financial services companies to the single market.