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Malta Chamber commends postponement of vouchers

12th January 2021

Priorities of public safety must take precedence

The Malta Chamber commends the Government’s decision to postpone the issue of the second round of vouchers, in the interest of public health.

As it has said all throughout the pandemic, The Malta Chamber reiterates its position that all, and any initiatives taken must, at all times reflect, the highest public health interest. The Government’s decision, as announced by the Minister of the Economy yesterday is hence commended.

While the issue of vouchers is eagerly anticipated by many business operators, as it is expected to once again inject a much-needed impetus into the economy, priorities of public safety must take precedence.

Initially, the second round of vouchers was expected to be issued by mid-January. Following a statement by the Economy Ministry on Monday evening, it was announced that while preparations are complete, the Government is first consulting with the health authorities and stakeholders, and could wait until bars and entertainment venues are reopened on 1st February (so far), before launching the voucher roll-out. 

The vouchers total €100, as with the first round, and are to be given to all Maltese residents over 16 years of age. Of the €100, €60 has been allotted for accommodation and restaurants, while €40 has been allotted for retail outlets.

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Malta Chamber commends postponement of vouchers