Malta Chamber Launches 'Make It' in collaboration with Malta Enterprise

27th February 2019

“Make it”, will shed a light on the great opportunities that exist in the manufacturing sector. This campaign means to expose inspiring stories of young people who have chosen a rewarding career path in manufacturing.

Launching ‘Make it’, a campaign aimed at encouraging young people to consider a career in manufacturing, Mr Frank V. Farrugia President of the Malta Chamber said that the manufacturing industry was expected to create 53 per cent of the vacancies that were anticipated to be created in the next three years. This is true, even though the sector is only responsible for 30 per cent of the interviewed candidates in the study.

Mr Farrugia was quoting a study carried out by the Malta Chamber last December, whereby the importance of manufacturing as a creator of job opportunities was underlined.

“In a survey carried out among all Malta Chamber members, regarding the expected recruitment they are projecting for 2019, 2020 and 2021, Manufacturing came out on top, as it is expected to provide 530 job vacancies from the 995 expected to be created in the next three years” Mr Farrugia said.

make it 2

The President reiterated how these numbers continued to strengthen the Chamber’s argument about the importance of the manufacturing sector and how well advised it is to continue to support its permanence in Malta.

Mr Farrugia thanked Malta Enterprise, especially the Chairman Mr William Wait and CEO Mr Mario Galea who were instrumental for the initiative being launched to take place. “This campaign would not have been possible without their support” Mr Farrugia concluded.

Taking the podium, Mr William Wait, Chairman of Malta Enterprise stated that the manufacturing base today is very diversified from the production of car switchgear, toys, food and packaging, repairs and maintenance of aeroplanes, engineering, building of machines and production of medicines. He also reiterated the importance that one needs to factor in all the research and development activities being undertaken related to all the aforementioned sectors.

Various job opportunies exist within the manufacturing industry and these give the individual the possibility to move from one level to the other. Mr Wait said “We need to ensure that we keep the message live and loud in the market place that manufacturing offers long term, well-paying jobs. And this is exactly the aim of this campaign. A campaign where we will see employees endorsing manufacturing. Showcasing their own life story with an aim of interesting others to embark on a similar path. We want to help to present this sector in the form and shape of what it has become today.”

make it 3

Mr Patrick Cachia, Chairman of the Manufacturing Economic Group within the Chamber said that Manufacturing in Malta had come a long way. “In fact even in a world where the economy is increasingly looking at the Services industry, Manufacturing remains an important element of our economic equation” he noted.

“The Chamber and specifically our Manufacturing Economic Group, is well aware that with the ever-increasing presence of the Services, Tourism, Retail and Financial industries on our shores, manufacturing tends to lose its immediate appeal it enjoyed in the past, and employers are experiencing difficulty in identifying individuals to take on a career in manufacturing” Mr Cachia said.

The chairman of the Manufacturing Economic Group said that members from the sector often expressed their difficulty to identify the right people to fill their vacancies, often having to look beyond Malta’s shores to address their needs.

“We are also aware that there are several misconceptions about this field which cannot be further from the truth. Through the testimonials that will constitute our campaign, we are giving a voice to the thousands of young people who have found a rewarding career in manufacturing, and who would not change it for the world” Mr Cachia concluded.

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The campaign launch was also addressed by the Hon Dr Chris Cardona Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses “The manufacturing industry is the backbone of a strong economy. We want to bolster the industry in the nation’s long-term future. There are incredible job opportunities in our country that are a far cry from the prevailing perception,” said Dr Cardona.

7th March 2019

The session provided a step-by-step explanation of the guidelines relating to VAT on the hiring of pleasure yachts, published by the Maltese authorities earlier this month.

25th February 2019

The Chamber firmly believes that due to the irreversible nature of construction, it would be detrimental to the country to flood the market with new residential property that may remain vacant when the economic cycle eventually turns.

22nd February 2019

Ahead of the upcoming MEP electoral process, the Chamber is calling for a campaign that brings out the best qualities of our candidates as opposed to one which is detrimental to our country and its reputation.

14th February 2019

Chamber provides feedback and a series of proposals to Government as part of the consultation related to the White paper on Rent and Housing.