Malta-Gozo Tunnel Will Push Gozo's Economy Forward, Says Transport Minister

11th April 2018

Each end of the tunnel will be placed in areas where they will have the least negative impact on the environment, with areas in Nadur earmarked for the Gozo side, and somewhere between Manikata and Imbordin for the Malta side.

The tunnel between Malta and Gozo would encourage more young people to establish themselves in Gozo, thus pushing the island’s economy forward, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg said.

Addressing a press conference where he announced new developments and gave information about the Malta-Gozo tunnel project, Dr Borg said that studies indicated that the tunnel will be around 12km long, with a lane going each way, and a third emergency lane. The tunnel is expected to have a capacity of 6,500 vehicles per day in both directions, Dr Borg said.

The minister emphasised that safety and quality are two essential factors, and explained that the tunnel will be built according to European standards. Here, he referred to the Norwegian expert commissioned by Transport Malta, Professor Eivind Grov, who is helping with the concept design, which includes carriageway design, ventilation, illumination systems, signage, safety measures and service passages.

The minister confirmed that a full detailed Environmental Impact Assessment will be carried out, and that either end of the tunnel will be placed in areas where they will have the least negative impact on the environment. He mentioned areas in Nadur for the Gozo side, and the area between Manikata and Imbordin for the Malta side. The terrain will be excavated in a way that creates the least amount of unnecessary disturbance in the area. Comino will not be disturbed as no access to it will be given through the tunnel.

Franco Mercieca, who will be chairing the Steering Committee of this project, said that as a result of a tunnel between the two islands, Gozitans will no longer need to make the difficult choice between career progression and family. Meanwhile, Prof. Grov spoke about his experience in the field, and explained that more than 30 projects of this kind have been carried out in Norway.  Thanks to projects such as these, small communities detached from urban land were given new life, he said, describing such projects as ‘social tunneling’, as they were planned to improve the quality of life of smaller populations.

11th April 2018

Last October, the company trialled breakthrough gigabit speeds on its mobile network – meaning that a 90 minute full-HD movie can be downloaded in a little over 30 seconds.

10th April 2018

it is essential that building development, which is key to this infrastructure, is carried out with due regard to sustainability, striking a balance between environmental protection, the well-being of society, and economy.

9th April 2018

The growth reflects the growing foreign population in Malta and the introduction of the Individual Investor Programme (IIP), which came into effect in 2014.

9th April 2018

The scheme supports private investment in RD&I actions in line with the Smart Specialisation Strategy, through the provision of a non-repayable grant to part-finance eligible costs under four measures.