Malta Has One Of The Lowest Numbers Of Dentists In The EU

11th January 2019

Seeking to open up a dental practice in Malta? You’ll find your services well in demand.

A new survey on medical services in the EU, published by statistics agency Eurostat, showed that Malta has one of the lowest proportions of dentists in the EU.

In Malta, there are 47 dentists for every 100,000 inhabitants. Other countries in the EU with low proportions of dentists per 100,000 people were Poland (33 dentists), and Slovakia (50 dentists).

Greece recorded the highest share (123 dentists licenced to practice), followed by Bulgaria and Cyprus (112 and 104 practising dentists respectively).

On the other hand, people seeking to have their medical prescriptions fulfilled are well-served on the island, with Malta recording the highest share – 133 – of practising pharmacists per 100,000 inhabitants in the EU.

Malta was followed by Belgium (122), Spain (121) and Italy (116). The Netherlands (21) and Denmark (51 in 2015) recorded the lowest shares.

For practising physiotherapists, the largest shares in the EU were observed in Germany (225 per 100,000 inhabitants), Finland (207 in 2014), Luxembourg (198), Belgium and the Netherlands (both 189), and the lowest in Romania (7), Portugal (13) and Bulgaria (23).

In 2016, over 360,000 dentists, 450,000 pharmacists and 550,000 physiotherapists worked in the EU.

14th January 2019

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10th January 2019

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10th January 2019

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10th January 2019

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