Malta Ranked Ninth In EU When It Comes To Environmental Tax Collection

Vanessa Conneely - 12th February 2019

The European Union is well below its United Nations target.

A report by Eurostat has revealed that Malta is among the top ten EU countries when it comes to the proportion of environmental tax collected by Government.

The latest figures from 2017 show Malta has the ninth highest share of environmental revenue in the EU from taxes and social contributions.

Latvia is top of the list (11.2 per cent), ahead of Slovenia and Greece (both 10.2 per cent) and Croatia and Bulgaria (both 9.1 per cent).

At the opposite end of the scale is Luxembourg (4.4 per cent), Germany (4.6 per cent) and Sweden (4.9 per cent) followed by France and Belgium (both 5.0 per cent).

Environmental taxes are being used more and more to try and curb both businesses and individuals from damaging the planet. A total of €369 billion in environmental tax was collected in 2017 across the EU, a jump from €264 billion in 2002.

Despite this, the EU is still well below the efficiency target it agreed with the United Nations. 

More than three-quarters (77 per cent) of the environmental tax collected went on energy, with the rest going on transport (20 per cent) and pollution (3 per cent).

Last month MEPs both here and at the European Commission debated on whether countries should be allowed to control their own environmental tax rates, or if this should be decided by Brussels.

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