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Malta registers 14.6 per cent increase in generation of energy from PV systems in 2019

18th June 2020

During 2019, the harvesting of renewable energy from grid-connected PV systems was estimated at 217.3 GWh, an increase of 14.6 per cent on the previous year.

Recent data from the National Statistics Office reveals that Malta produced a total kWp of 151,473.9 last year, an increase of 14.8 per cent over 2018.

The domestic sector amounted to 51.4 per cent of total kWp, followed by 45 and 3.6 per cent in the commercial and public sectors respectively. The peak power rating of an average PV system in the domestic sector stood at 3.0 kWp, whereas that for the commercial and public sectors amounted to 47.0 and 20.6 kWp respectively.

When compared to the situation in 2018, generation of energy from grid-connected PVs increased by 14.6 per cent, totalling an estimated value of 217.3 GWh. According to the findings, most energy was generated in the South Eastern and Northern Harbour districts, at 20 and 17.9 per cent of the total GWh respectively.

Meanwhile, the stock of PV installations amounted to 27,454, of which 84.8 per cent were installed in the region of Malta and 15.2 per cent were in the Gozo and Comino region. The Northern Harbour and Western districts accounted for 37.6 per cent of the total stock of PV installations with 5,307 and 5,002 installations respectively. When compared to 2018, the stock of PV installations increased by 9.1 per cent.

The domestic sector accounted for 93.7 per cent of the total stock of PV installations, followed by the commercial and public sectors, accounting for 5.3 and 1 per cent respectively. Most increases in new PV installations resulted from the domestic sector. The Northern Harbour district had the highest stock of PV installations in both domestic andcommercial sectors.

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