Malta registers current account surplus of €48.9 million for Q1 2019

4th July 2019

This represents a sharp decline compared to the same period last year, when Malta registered a current account surplus of €296.3 million.

Provisional figures released by Malta's National Statistics Office (NSO) show that Malta registered a decrease in its current account surplus when comparing the first quarter of 2019 with that of 2018, at €48.9 million and €296.3 million respectively.

Losses were registered in the net balances of the national goods account due to a loss of sales worth (all figures in €000s) €1,609,101. The sale of goods to the European Union (EU) represent the largest net losses for Malta worth €1,466,703. Losses were also registered in the sale of goods to 'Extra EU' countries worth €142,399.

As a result of this, Malta registered a loss of €1,232,990 in its primary income coming from the EU. In addition, the 'Extra Euro Area' registered net losses of €104,558 for its Secondary Income sector.

Compensating for this, Malta registered net profits in its services to EU nations. Turning to provisional figures for 2018, Malta was found to have made €2,910,023 in profits from services to the EU. An even larger share of profits was found from services to the 'Extra Euro Area', at €3,007,519. This sector generated an overall profit of €4,070,171.

Helena Grech - 5th July 2019

'The revocation was based exclusively on one, single point- that the court deemed a member of the adjudicating board had a conflict of interest,' db Group said in a statement.

Jillian Mallia

It will be increasing study opportunities in the sector and exploring EU funding.

Sarah Micallef - 3rd July 2019

The Authority received 209 applications for a licence last year, of which eight were rejected and the remaining still under review.

Jo Caruana - 2nd July 2019

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