Malta Retains Highest Rate Of Employment In The EU

31st January 2018

The unemployment rate all across Europe has held steady at its lowest figure in nine years.

Malta, Germany and the Czech Republic had the most people in employment across the EU in December 2017, according to European statistics agency Eurostat.

In December, the number of persons in Malta registering for work stood at 2,167, decreasing by 25.6 per cent when compared to the corresponding month in 2016. The registered unemployment rate in June 2017 stood at 1.3 per cent of the labour supply, (excluding part-time employment) and varied from 1.4 per cent among men to 1.0 per cent among women.

The unemployment rate in Europe has held steady at its lowest figure in nine years, with the number of those out of work holding steady at 8.7 per cent in December – retaining its lowest level since January 2009.

Unemployment rates remain high in Greece, with more than a fifth of people currently out of work; but even that is an improvement on recent months.

In southern Europe, countries like Portugal, Croatia and Spain which have suffered from high levels of unemployment, all saw drastic improvements in the number of people out of a job. Portugal now has the lowest unemployment rate the country has seen in 13 years.

Each of the three countries notched up more than two percentage points over the last year.

Martina Said - 1st February 2018

According to a study by a private consultancy firm, market failures in Malta have been estimated to range between €2.3 billion and €3.1 billion over five years.

30th January 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had high praise for Malta, saying its economic growth remained one of the strongest in Europe, but cautioned that sustained efforts are needed to safeguard the financial system’s integrity.