Malta Social Impact Awards Create Social Change By Connecting Businesses To Changemakers

Vanessa Conneely - 26th March 2019

The deadline for the Malta Social Impact Awards is fast approaching.

Do you have an idea to help your community, but are struggling to come up with the funding to make it a reality? Here's your chance - applications for the Malta Social Impact Awards (MSIA) 2019 are open until 14th April.

The programme was launched in 2016 by the Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation. Its aim is to connect those who are trying to make a difference in the world, with those who have the means to do so.

"It’s important to start realising that to create real social change we need to connect businesses and executives to changemakers,” says Louisa Attard, CEO of Inspirasia Foundation. “The Malta Social Impact Awards brings the two groups together to give and give well, while acknowledging the changemakers who are making a difference and creating an impact.”  

And that impact is already being felt by organisations who won the award in the past, including 2016 winners Victim Support Malta (VSM), which received €7,000 in prize money.

After it was set up as a non-government organisation in 2008, VSM's staff and volunteers have worked selflessly to help families and women who’ve suffered everything from rape to cybercrime. As part of their work, VSM launched a campaign called ‘Watch Out’, with the aim of setting up a neighbourhood watch system in Malta. It was this initiative that caught the attention of the Social Impact Award judges three years ago.

“With the prize money, we were able to bring a trainer over from Neighbourhood Watch UK and host a train-the-trainer session with locally identified stakeholders,” says Executive Director Krista Tabone. “This training was then delivered to 10 localities in Malta. We’re happy to report that the Madliena Neighbourhood Watch - which began its set up through this project - is still going strong.”


Just months after their win, the people behind Centru Tbexbix have also seen instant results after winning the 2018 award in November. The non-profit was founded in 1996 in Cospicua, by a former English teacher and her husband, who wanted to offer free educational and social programmes to the Cottonera community.

“With the funding received from the MSIA, the Centre is now renovating an adjacent dilapidated building to create an extension to the premises. This will include an additional activity room that will allow the centre to reach the increased demands of the programmes, as well as accommodation space that will provide continuous self-generated revenue,” says Programme Coordinator Deborah Falzon.

Louisa Attard says a wide-range of people are encouraged to take part. "Anyone with an innovative idea should apply to participate in this exciting initiative, including those who target the relief of poverty and suffering, the advancement of health, education or culture, the empowerment of marginalised communities and minorities, or the protection of the environment and animals."

Applications to apply for this year’s awards can be downloaded directly from and need to be submitted by the 14th of April. 

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