Malta to lift ban on all commercial flights by 15th July, as Europe emerges from lockdown

15th June 2020

Today marks the beginning of airport re-openings across several European countries.

Speaking on ONE TV yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that restrictions on all flight destinations are to be lifted on 15th July, seeing Malta’s airport re-open following months of no commercial travel.

“From the 1st of July, flights will increase to the majority of regions in Italy, France, Spain and Poland. This is while the airports in Greece and Croatia will be opened in their entirety,” he said, adding that “this will be undertaken so that from the 15th of July the airport will be opened to the remainder of destinations.”

With a view to getting the holiday and travel market back on its feet following the havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta’s re-opening follows suit as airports across Europe begin to reopen their doors. In fact, today also marks the reopening of several other European countries. 

Starting today, the European Union will lift many internal borders, with additional re-openings expected later in the summer. Some countries in Europe have already begun welcoming tourists, though other regions are taking things a little slower. Tourism continues to be banned throughout most of the African continent and many parts of South America, while Vietnam will still not allow travel that is not for diplomatic purposes. Meanwhile, Japan continues to maintain its travel ban, along with New Zealand and Australia

In Europe, Austrian Airlines resumes flights to permitted nationalities today, with visitors from EU member states except Sweden, Spain and Portugal allowed from tomorrow. Belgium will also welcome EU travellers, as well tourists from Britain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, as of today; while the Czech Republic will allow entry to citizens and residents of 20 European countries. In Denmark, travellers from Germany, Norway and Iceland will also be allowed as from today, while Germany will be open to visitors from the EU, Britain, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland from tomorrow.

As of today, Greece is allowing visitors from 29 countries, and The Netherlands opens its doors to 30 countries, prohibiting Sweden and Britain. Switzerland also reopens to some countries today but continues to disallow travellers from Italy. Meanwhile, Turkey also aims to resume flights to and from 40 countries this month, with 17 of the locations on their list opening up today.

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