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Maltese Business Leaders: Here’s how you can influence the business-world of tomorrow

11th December 2020

The CEO Confidence Index can provide business insights for the Maltese economy through the partnership of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and Vistage Malta Networks

The Malta Chamber has partnered with VISTAGE Malta to support business leaders in Malta to enhance decision-making through market insights. The CEO Confidence Index is renowned to predict market trends, effectively giving businesses a head-start in their economic area of interest.

“This significant resource is being made exclusively available to the Chamber members” said Malta Chamber CEO Ing. Edward Chetcuti. “Through the creation of the VISTAGE Malta CEO Confidence Index initiative, the initiative shall collate data from CEOs and entrepreneurs to obtain market insights and possible scenarios for future change. It has shown to be effective in predicting economic trends, derive insights that aid decision making and give a global comparison to individual country markets. This will certainly be another great tool in the arsenal of value adding, which is available to Malta Chamber members”, said Ing. Chetcuti.

“Vistage is the leading CEO network in the world, and supports decision-makers across 20 economies through research and peer-to-peer advice and knowledge sharing. Our goal is to support local businesses with insights and thought-leadership so they can make smarter decisions that impact us all. However, it only works if we all sustain a collaborative mindset and share our knowledge and experiences, through surveys like this, for the benefit of our local economy. I encourage every business leader to contribute, in order to benefit.” Explained Nathan Farrugia, MD for Vistage in Malta.

The CEO Confidence Index has supported business decision-making in the US by providing feedback from business leaders consistently, on their views of the economy, policy, and operations every quarter. Published in the Wall Street Journal as well as an array of digital platforms, the CEO Confidence Index collates insight and sentiment from leaders in a researched manner that allows for better strategy, planning and investment decisions. It has shown to pre-empt market shifts by 6 months, making it a very powerful tool.

The Confidence Index will now provide the same insights for the Maltese economy through the partnership of the Malta Chamber and Vistage Malta Networks. Other European countries are expected to follow, to allow us to compare both global and European economic trends.
All anonymised data will be analysed by Vistage Research, to then generate reports that will be co-presented by Vistage Malta and the Malta Chamber.

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Maltese Business Leaders: Here’s how you can influence the business-world of tomorrow