Ian Borg - Maltese Contractors Will Be Able To Resurface All The Roads In Seven Years

Manuel Zarb - 3rd July 2017

Transport Minister Ian Borg has played down doubts about the feasibility of resurfacing Malta's roads in seven years, saying he is confident in Maltese contractors' ability to do so.

Transport Minister Ian Borg has confidence that Maltese contractors will be able to fulfil the Labour Party's electoral promise of resurfacing all of Malta’s roads in seven years although he does not exclude the possibility that local contractors may supplement their activities with assistance from foreign companies. “We believe in the capabilities of Maltese contractors,” Mr Borg told the Malta Chamber. “We’re confident that supported by professional guidance, adequate enforcement and quality control, they will rise to the occasion and get the job done. When local expertise and capacity are not sufficient, Maltese businesses never shied away from roping in support from companies based in other countries, to complement their resources and experience. ”

On the competence of local contractors, Mr Borg is assured, but acknowledges contractors’ often poor reputation. “Maltese contractors have often shown they can perform at very high levels. In fact, we are not concerned about this at all. However, we are making it clear with all parties involved that the time for half-baked solutions is over. Contractors know that taxpayers are fed up of substandard output. They tell me they are not happy with this unfortunate reputation either.”

The Minister also talked to the Malta Chamber about the timeline for the project.  “We are establishing a focused management team to achieve these road building and upgrading targets. We are aware this won’t be an easy task. We are currently also sounding our plans with major stakeholders, including road contractors.  We will make sure our objectives are achieved with the least possible inconvenience to drivers, pedestrians, residents and businesses.”

Asked whether the €700 million budget is enough, Mr Borg evades the question. “Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started,” he said. “I’m determined not to waste a single cent of the allocated funds. If we’re as cost effective as possible, the results will speak for themselves.”

“This unprecedented investment to upgrade the quality of our roads will have a widespread positive impact on our economy,” Mr Borg concludes. “This is not just a question of benefitting the companies involved. We’re talking about providing our country with the infrastructure it deserves. Ultimately, this is all about enhancing part of our environment, which we experience every day.”


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