Maltese-Owned McDonald's Licencee Premier Capital Holds Largest-Ever Meeting In Greece

24th November 2017

Around 400 people from Premier Capital’s six markets travelled to Greece for the event.

Premier Capital plc, the Maltese-owned developmental licencee for McDonald’s in six European markets, held its largest ever annual Communication Day at Westin’s Costa Navarino Resort in Messinia, Greece.

Around 400 people from Premier Capital’s six markets – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Malta and Romania – travelled to Greece for the event. Attendees included team leaders from Operations, Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing & Public Relations, HR, Legal, IT, Development, Administration, and store managers. Premier Capital currently operates 138 restaurants with a total staff complement of 7,500 people.

Themed ‘Think Big’, Communications Day this year aimed to highlight every person’s impact on the business and the effect on the growth of both Premier Capital and its people. The event served to share the achievements of each market and of all functions and the best practices in place, plans for 2018, and the group’s overall strategy and vision.

2017 has been a very positive year so far for Premier Capital. Comparable sales and guest counts grew by 9.7 per cent and 5.3 per cent respectively leading the group to now serve a staggering 110 million customers a year. Premier Capital has ambitious plans for 2018. Customer growth will continue to be a key priority, with focus on enhanced customer commitment and retention through wider variety and premium products. Next year, the group will grow its footprint to 153 stores with a total investment of €15 million. McDonald’s new service model ‘Experience of the Future’ is a central element in Premier Capital’s growth plan. Customers will enjoy new features including table service, enhanced kiosk ordering and hospitality procedures, modernised menu boards, and a fun and easy-to-use Global Mobile Application.

Communication Day attendees were encouraged to return to their markets to share the positive messages delivered and to motivate their teams to run great restaurants, bring the ‘Experience of the Future’ model to life, and to continue striving to think big and achieve even greater results.

Costa Navarino is one of the largest luxury resorts in Greece, offering stunning settings for guests to enjoy. Communication Day closed with a grand party with live bands and DJs and a colourful fireworks finale.

“Communication Day is a major event on our calendar and this year we directed significant investment in bringing our people together,” Premier Capital Managing Director Victor Tedesco said. “It is critical for us that teams from each market share experiences, knowledge and best practice. McDonald’s is a rapidly evolving business and depends entirely on people to deliver the experience customers expect from the brand. Now with 7,500 people in our team and a store network of 138, Premier Capital’s growth momentum has gathered significant pace and we are excited about the future of this company and its people.”

27th November 2017

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