Maltese People Who Are Self-Employed Are Among Happiest In The EU

18th December 2018

Looking for more job satisfaction going into the new year? Maybe you should quit your job and become your own boss.

Malta was one of three EU Member States where more than 80 per cent of self-employed people reported high satisfaction with their job, according to new figures released by statistics agency Eurostat.

82 per cent of Maltese self-employed people said that they were happy with their job, squarely in between Sweden (83 per cent) and Denmark (81 per cent).

There were more than 228 million employed people in the European Union (EU) in 2017 and about 33 million (14 per cent) of these were self-employed.

Figures from the EU Labour Force Survey show that across the EU as a whole, 48 per cent of people who were self-employed in 2017 reported 'high satisfaction' with their current job. The results at the individual EU member state level reveal a wide variation around the EU average.

For a further 21 member states the proportions were between 30 per cent and 70 per cent. Four member states had less than 30 per cent of self-employed reporting high satisfaction with their job: Bulgaria (just below 30 per cent), Portugal (29 per cent), Cyprus (26 per cent) and Romania (19 per cent).

19th December 2018

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