Maltese Software Company Developing Cryptocurrency Payment System For Shops

6th November 2018

This has the potential of being deployed on a mass scale spanning Retail Pro’s client base of nearly 200,000 point of sale terminals across 130 countries.

iPro Solutions Limited, a leading Maltese software provider and development house, is currently in the process of creating advanced software components that will enable the acceptance of cryptocurrencies within the physical retail store environment.

With their vast experience supporting hundreds of retail stores both locally and overseas, iPro has gained an in-depth knowledge of the retail IT sphere. Through their close partnership with Retail Pro International, they have made a breakthrough in enabling the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by established software at the point of sale. This has the potential of being deployed on a mass scale spanning Retail Pro’s client base of nearly 200,000 point of sale terminals across 130 countries.

Dr Djordje Vukelic, iPro’s CTO who is the technological pioneer behind this project, explains that “through the development of this component we will enable a global retail software giant to accept cryptocurrency in the physical stores that their software runs in.”

He further explained that “cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology might point the entire digital economy to what is called the Internet of Value. In comparison to the first version of the Internet which allowed people to send information directly to each other, with the Internet of Value, people can send anything of value to each other (currencies, assets, etc). If the first phases of the Internet created new opportunities for wealth creation and new business models, this next one promises that everyone with access to a device and the Internet can participate directly in the global economy.”

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital retail world is nothing new for iPro. “iPro successfully delivered projects in various areas to bring the digital and physical worlds together,” Dr Vukelic pointed out. “From simple e-commerce integrations, to unified customers across the web and physical stores, to the commencement of a sale online and the continuation and completion of that same online sale transaction within a physical retail store. We are now taking this to the next level by enabling physical stores to accepting digital assets as a form of payment.”

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