As part of the Careers in Manufacturing campaign the Malta Chamber Manufacturing Executive Board with the support of Malta Enterprise and together with the National School Support Services within the Ministry for Education and Employment, will be collaborating to organise week-long opportunities for selected Year 10 (Form 4) students to witness the different occupations within the manufacturing industry. 

The Manufacturing Career Exposure Experience initiative helps to give students actual exposure to the various facets of the manufacturing sector.  The Manufacturing Career Exposure Experience initiative targets students aged between 14 and 15 offering them a taste of what it would be like to be part of the manufacturing sector. This week long experience is also intended to help address the persisting negative perception of the manufacturing environment.  

The initiative is also an opportunity for manufacturing firms to meet their corporate social responsibility by offering this work exposure while at the same time helping to help attract young people to join the sector and help it grow further. 

What is the Manufacturing Career Exposure Experience Initiative?

The students, aged 14-15 years, hail from state schools and are studying Engineering Technology (VET), Pure and Applied Sciences, Design and Technology, Graphical Communication, Business Studies and Computer Studies, IT (VET) and/or are students who enjoy studying Maths and Physics.

The Career Exposure Experience initiative will enable young individuals to: 

  • Observe the daily routines of employees in various roles in the manufacturing process - from customer order handling through manufacturing planning, production of products and final customer delivery - and increase their understanding of related careers;
  • Begin to identify career prospects in the manufacturing sector; 
  • Gain awareness of the academic, technical, inter-personal and other employability skills that are usually required in the manufacturing environment;
  • Develop an understanding of the critical connections between school and work, particularly the relevance of their studies in the identified subjects. 

How could your company fit in?

If you are a manufacturing company in the electrical / electronic / mechanical engineering sector, then we would like to invite you to participate in programme in order to encourage more young people to consider a career in manufacturing as one of their main options.

This initiative is also intended to address, in the medium to long term, the human resources challenges that the local manufacturing industry is facing. 

Students enrolled on the programme will get to spend a week at one of the participating company’s premises, learning more about manufacturing by observing competent workers in a number of roles. Through mentoring and the Reflective Journal, which is a presentation[1] outlining the activities undertaken during the week, the students will also be able to understand and appreciate the way in which the manufacturing cycle works, observe how technology is applied and appreciate the relevance of their studies and the opportunities for a career in the sector.

The success of this initiative depends on the uptake of the scheme by manufacturing companies. 

Why participate?

This is an opportunity for manufacturing companies to contribute towards the promotion of the sector and to ensure a positive public perception of the industry and of the employment conditions which it offers, as well as to:

  • Establish a collaboration with the National School Support Services (NSSS), Directorate for Educational Services (DES), Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE)
  • Improve the perceptions of young students, their parents and the teaching profession, of the career opportunities offered by the manufacturing sector;
  • Encourage more young people to pursue post-secondary studies that potentially lead them to acquire the professional skills required by the industry;
  • Enrich the school experience and help in the formation of these young individuals;

Each participating company will be promoted in the media channels utilised by the Careers in Manufacturing campaign in its communication with the general public and targeted audiences. 

What does it take? 

The hosting manufacturing company will enter into an agreement with the respective College outlining the responsibilities of both the Company and the College/School.

The students will have the necessary signed parental consent forms giving them permission to attend the Career Exposure Experience initiative. 

Personnel from the Career Guidance Services, National School Support Services and the Colleges, will visit the students on site at least twice during the Career Exposure Experience week. 

The success of the Career Exposure Experience initiative, for both the sponsoring company and the participating student, depends on having mentors – either line managers or people from the HR Department – ensuring that their experience is positive and fruitful. 

Recommended Practices for the Student’s Placement

Different companies can achieve the identified objectives in various ways, however the best placements tend to be those where:

  • The company prepares a programme for the whole week of the Student Placement;
  • The Student is given an introduction to highlight the organisation’s set-up and the different sections and their inter-relations (attendance to the company’s induction training is suggested);
  • The organisation assigns a mentor, responsible to monitor the Student’s stay;
  • The mentor has a daily discussion with the student to see what observations were made, and possibly what was learned, and provides answers to any queries;
  • Reviews the student’s Reflective Logbook / presentation on a daily basis. The student is required to compile this as a requirement;
  • Although the student can be assigned in one section, the best placement is that where a student experiences more than one section.

How to participate in the Manufacturing Career Exposure Experience initiative?

In order to participate in the Manufacturing Career Exposure Experience Initiative, simply send an email to 

The Malta Chamber will then be in touch to explain all the necessary logistics. We will strive to meet any request for assistance from participating companies. 

[1] The company will be able to ensure that the content of the Logbook – Presentation does not raise any issues related to data protection and intellectual property.