Marketers are now storytellers

7th February 2020

The second edition of Marketing Kingdom Malta will be held on Friday 6th March at the InterContinental Hotel, St Julian’s.

The importance of storytelling in marketing will be the focus of some of Europe’s leading marketers from Flipboard, Philips, Google, Visit Britain and the International Advertising Association at the second edition of Marketing Kingdom Malta.

Being held on Friday 6th March 2020, at the InterContinental Hotel in St Julian’s, the conference is also attracting participants from Europe and beyond.

“Today’s marketing is all about watching and listening,” says Joshua Partridge, VP International at Flipboard, who is one of the keynote speakers at the event He argues that: “by enhancing your brand’s message through storytelling and the effective distribution of those stories ensures a genuine and ongoing conversation with your consumers - read, watch and listen. Brands have the same levers at their disposal, as most publishers, to distribute their content and build an audience. Brands, in fact, can become powerful publishers.”

Jesse Ringham, Head of Content at the Serpentine Galleries in London, believes that a good storytelling should have the audience in the center. “Never forget that audiences are at the heart of everything we do in marketing.

"Social media proves that. Marketers are now storytellers. We need to be able to dig, seek and investigate narratives. Always promote the growing story of your brand, and the colleagues and customers who make it unique,” says Jesse Ringham.

But good storytelling is also all about following the right trends and creating the right communications strategy.

Karen Carter, Chairperson at the International Advertising Association in the UK, says: “Right channel, right result. The lists of the top trends for 2020 have been posted. Everything from AI to programmatic to video to personalisation to influencers are on various trend reports.

"But at its core, success to reach an audience is based on finding the right channel depending on your goals and then keeping a level of agility to adapt based on the results. Building your brand can require a different set of communications strategies, then if you’re trying to grow within a key account to drive revenue. Do your research, understand your audience, define your key differentiators, then target the best channel to achieve your clear business goals.”

The Marketing Kingdom Malta 2 is organized by P World, an international creative agency organising business events in more than 40 countries around the world. BPC of Pietà is the event’s exclusive partner in Malta.

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Marketers are now storytellers