Maurizio Marinella behind historic Neapolitan brand will be fitting custom-made ties this Saturday

6th November 2019 

Mr Marinella will be at Camilleriparismode in Rabat fitting custom-made ties from a range of silk screen printed fabrics to choose from.

Maurizio Marinella, behind the iconic and historic Neapolitan brand E. Marinella will be at Camilleriparismode in Rabat this Saturday fitting custom-made ties for clients.

The shop, announcing the news on its Facebook page, will be open from 9.30am until 1pm.

E. Marinella has been around for over 100 years, and still maintains the original 20-square meter shop off Via Riviera Chiaia, Naples. Mr Marinella is the third-generation of Marinella men and has remained true to the family’s philosophy championing humbleness in life to maintain a timeless style.

The family-operated Naples shop has expanded its business to include locations in Rome, Milan, Tokyo as well as in department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Santa Eulalia in Barcelona, Bongénie in Geneva and Bon Marché Ribe Gauche in Paris.

Camilleriparismode, in its announcement, invited the public to “create your personal statement with a range of silk screen printed fabrics to choose from, that is perfectly tailored to fit you”.


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