The MEDITERRANEAN BUSINESS NETWORKING FORUM will be an annual event organised in partnership between two leading organisations located in Malta - The Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) and The Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce and is designed to promote commercial and business relationships among organisations and businesses around the Mediterranean region, through a unique networking forum concept.

This annual networking event will aspire to promote commercial partnerships among business players in the region, enabling the strength, size, market position, expertise and reputation of these organisations to be the unique and huge resource at the disposal of all participants at the Forum.

Each event will centre on one particular topic and in view of the fact that the launch of the Forum this year, will be coinciding with the visit to Malta of a high level delegation from the Libyan British Business Council, the topic of the Forum will revolve around Libya's future potential for business opportunities.

Bookings on, by 25th November 2016.

Download the application form by following this link.

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Mediterranean Business Networking Forum