Meet Malta's Entrepreneurs - The First Five Years of ICE Malta

Marie-Claire Grima - 19th March 2017

ICE Malta was founded five years ago by business trio Nikolai Sammut, James Abela and Matthew Sammut. Here, they tell how they have positioned ICE Malta as a hub for ICT learning, the importance of industry designed certifications and what's coming up in the next five years.

Can you give us a brief history of ICE Malta?

We founded ICE Malta five years ago and from the start, our mission was to give students the opportunity to achieve worldwide recognised certifications designed by leaders in education including Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsft, LP, The Digital Marketing Institute amongst other notable brands. Our study programmes position them as leaders for upcoming career opportunities in the ICT arena. ICE Malta has been committed to delivering a world-class study experience from the very beginning and the ICE Malta Study Experience is the island's only ISO 9001:2008 study experience.

Today we consider ourselves to be self-made entrepreneurs; we have a passion for quality, we constantly crave feedback and we're on a mission to shake the world of learning. During our first chapter we have been focusing all our efforts on building a thriving company and set solid foundations for the school. ICE Malta's first five years has been an incredible journey with a number of monumental milestones for our team and ICE Malta’s students who continue to position Malta as a hub for ICT talent.

What kind of education and training does ICE Malta offer to individuals and to companies?

ICE Malta’s internationally-recognised study programmes are broader, richer and more varied than ever before, with a unique focus on competency based practical learning and industry skills which give students from all walks of life the opportunity to keep their career on track and gain the skills to be productive and competitive in an era where technology continues to change rapidly.

ICE Malta is focused entirely on delivering industry designed worldwide recognised ICT training. ICE Malta’s courses are either delivered as part-time evening classes or daytime classes, while in the case of Corporate Team Training, the institute delivers custom-designed training, which aligns specifically to the learning objectives of the company requesting the training. ICE Malta's Academic Team has developed an exclusive collection of tools which ensure that businesses get a return on their training investment.

What can you tell us about the experience of studying at ICE Malta?

The ICE Malta Study Experience is a practical, hands-on, fully immersive study experience which inspires, motivates and empowers individuals to continue to learn throughout their life and embrace ICT no matter which career path they select or industry they are part of. ICE Malta's educators are industry practitioners who are accredited to teach by our global partners and successfully complete a rigorous Educator Development Programme designed exclusively by the institute. ICE Malta students continue to position our islands as a hub for ICT talent; they win local and international championships and continue to put Malta on the map because of their drive, determination and the school’s world-class study experience.

What was the proudest moment for the ICE Malta team?

The ICE Malta team has celebrated some incredible milestones - from winning Malta’s Top Entrepreneur Awards in 2013 to achieving our ISO 9001:2008 certification, from getting the attention of some of the world’s biggest names in education asking us to represent them exclusively to taking part in local and international fora and debates. During the years our company has experienced steady growth and continues to attract some of the finest talent who are eager to join the fast growing ICE Malta team. We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky because we experience rewarding moments very frequently - every time a student scores their dream career or is given the chance to climb the career ladder is a chance for us to celebrate how powerful ICE Malta’s Study Experience truly is.

ICE Malta is now celebrating its fifth year. What’s next for the Institute?

There’s a lot cooking behind the scenes including the launch of new collection of worldwide recognised study programmes including an EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital & Social Selling study programme which will be introduced in the next couple of months, the announcement of integral partnerships with more educational leaders, the launch of a Syllabus Advisory Council and news that the ICE Malta Study Experience will be made available to students in all corners of the globe through an internationalisation programme which is set to kick off in the coming months. ICE Malta’s Brand Team revealed the school’s new brand identity which includes a departure from the original name Institute of Computer Education to the acronym ICE Malta. The new look perfectly conveys ICE Malta’s story and taps deeply into the authentic character of ICE Malta’s core values and brand purpose. Our philosophy is and will remain very simple - we run our own race and keep our eye on our mission; that is, to inspire people to continue learn and to give students the opportunity to remain competitive in whichever industry they represent.

20th March 2017

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