Meet The Maltese 'Mumpreneur' Helping Other Mothers Achieve Their Business Goals

Marie-Claire Grima - 3rd March 2018

Elizabeth Cortis, a small-business owner and mother of two, is helping other mothers and aspiring entrepreneurs to accomplish their professional goals through the Malta Mumpreneur Network.

A year ago, Elizabeth Cortis decided to accomplish her life-long dream of running my own business. “I resigned from my teaching post, a position which was nonetheless very dear to my heart, to launch my own proofreading business – Proofreading Malta. The English language is my profession and my lifetime passion. Pursuing my passion led me to the job of my dreams!”

Ms Cortis says her career move came about shortly after the birth of her twin boys, but says that that alone was not her sole motivation. “Having flexible working hours was, of course, a major selling point, but I also took my decision based on the fact that I believed in my business idea and my conviction that that particular moment was the best time to actuate it.”

She is now helping other women who are mothers and aspiring entrepreneurs to accomplish their professional goals through the Malta Mumpreneur Network, which she founded. “A mumpreneur is a multi-tasking woman who balances both the challenges of running a business as an entrepreneur and the time-consuming duties of motherhood at the same time. Mumpreneurs do not necessary bring their motherhood to the boardroom. Rather than being a means of identification, it is an empowering term which brings together like-minded individuals who share similar career goals and personal aspirations.”

“A substantial number of mumpreneurs work from home. Running a business from home has its allure but it can be isolating. Also, small businesses need to actively reach out to the local community to increase brand awareness. To my mind, these two matters are resolved by means of networking. I felt that there were plenty of local networks for entrepreneurs, but none specifically for mothers.”

The Malta Mumpreneur Network's first official event

On a professional level, the purpose of the Malta Mumpreneur Network is to provide networking opportunities; but Ms Cortis also feels that is has a strong social element. “The network’s aim is the creation of a community of like-minded women who feel comfortable sharing stories online or over a glass of wine. I aspire that in the future we will continue to hold networking events whilst also organising conferences and workshops to explore areas of interest for our members. Furthermore, I hope that we will plan educational events aimed at empowering more women to launch their own business.”

Ms Cortis believes Malta would benefit from a general shift in mindset, “where the focus of employers is on attracting and keeping valuable employees for the long haul. They would then be more disposed to offer incentives such as flexible working hours, work from home options, and job sharing options in senior positions. These incentives should be made available not only to mothers but also to fathers, to promote a better work-life balance. Parents should also have the ability to use their own sick leave allowance when their children are sick. A more family-friendly mentality would solve many a gender-related problem and it would mean, as a case in point, that clients would find no issue with being assisted by professionals who bring their children to the workplace. ”

The Malta Mumpreneur Network recently held its first official event, which Ms Cortis proudly states had a great turnout for a network that’s just over a month old. “My advice to those who would like to start their own business is the following: Do your research, make a plan, and think about finances.  However, when all of that is said and done, take the leap. Be bold, make your move, and believe in your plan. Be ready to work at odd hours, for exhaustion, and great responsibility, but if the entrepreneurial spirit burns within you, these will only make the fruit of your hard work sweeter.”


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