Meeting with Tourism Minister

21st February 2020

Chamber President Perit David Xuereb underlined the importance of the Tourism sector at the Chamber.

During a meeting with the Minister for Tourism, Chamber President Perit David Xuereb underlined the importance of the Tourism sector at the Chamber. He said that the dedicated business section within the Chamber worked to assure a favourable environment that is conducive to sustainable growth in this ever-so important economic sector.

During the meeting this week, Mr Xuereb also emphasised the importance of a continuous communication line between the Chamber and the Ministry, that guaranteed a mutual understanding of each other’s vision.

Welcome the Chamber delegation, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, referred to the launch of the document ‘Economic Vision for Malta 2020-2025’, which was launched on Wednesday, and expressed a keen interest in the work the Malta Chamber had done in its regard. Furthermore, she said that she was looking forward to receiving an action plan that the Malta Chamber would be publishing in the coming weeks.

Tourism Meeting 2

She said that the Ministry and the Malta Chamber had a great deal of common ground especially when it came to principles on sustainable growth and social wealth.

Tourism Business Section chair Mr Fitzpatrick, presented the Minister with a document the section had published titled A Healthy Tourism Sector- Planning the Next Tourism Development, detailing the Malta Chamber’s vision on the needed development in the sector. The document also highlights the importance of sustainability and represents a qualitative leap forward for the industry.

Perit David Xuereb was accompanied by Director General Kevin J. Borg, Tourism Business Section member Ms Genevieve Abela and Policy Executive Ms Julia Aquilina. Minister of Tourism, Hon. Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, was accompanied by Permanent Secretary, Mr Ronald Mizzi and MTA CEO Johann Buttigieg, MTA Deputy CEO Carlo Micallef and MTA Chairperson Gavin Gulia.

25th February 2020

The Malta Chamber insists with Health Authorities to mobilise the necessary number of doctors and medics at the ports to screen crew members before discharge of cargo.

21st February 2020

The European Commission Strategy addressed key issues around dissemination, skills and reveal a coherent approach to strengthening the EU’s position on future key technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

21st February 2020

"It is key to urgently set Europe on its path to become fit to compete in the digital age", said BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer.

21st February 2020

This workshop was the first of a set of planned actions by the Business Energy Cluster aimed at supporting companies to identify, plan and implement energy efficiency projects.