MFSA issues warning on entity Jibi Bank plc which it falsely claims is registered in Malta 

2nd January 2020

The authority said that Jibi bank is not registered in Malta.  

The Malta Financial Services Authority has cautioned the public against Jibi Bank PLC.  

The entity, with a website, is claiming to be registered in Malta, approved by the MFSA, and has a registered office at Tagliaferro Business Centre in Sliema. 

The MFSA has warned in a statement that Jibi bank is not registered in Malta and not authorised by the MFSA to provide financial services locally. Therefore, the public is advised to not enter in any transactions or business activity with Jibi Bank. 

The authority added that although Jibi Bank’s site says it has a company number, this in fact belongs to another entity. 

The MFSA reminded consumers not to enter financial services transactions before confirming that the entity they are conducting business with is authorised to do so by the MFSA or another financial regulator. 

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MFSA issues warning on entity Jibi Bank plc which it falsely claims is registered in Malta