Most Unfilled Gaming Jobs Are In Game Operation And Development

22nd November 2018

Most respondents consider the lack of appropriate skills to be the main cause of unfilled vacancies.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has conducted a survey among its licensed remote gaming operators in order to obtain a better understanding of the existing skills gap in the gaming industry.

The survey found that unfilled job vacancies are primarily in the game operation and development category at the operational level, presenting significant potential for the local educational system to contribute in addressing the issues of job vacancies in skills that are specific to the gaming industry in Malta.

According to the survey results, 57 per cent of respondents consider the lack of appropriate skills, in terms of either work experience or qualifications, as the main cause of unfilled vacancies.

The sourcing of experienced talent from other firms in Malta is practised by over 60 per cent of surveyed firms; the majority of operators recruited workers already employed by other firms in the online sector (37 per cent) or in other industries (24 per cent).

The recruitment of workers immediately after the completion of their formal education was reported by 15 per cent of firms, confirming the potentially stronger role which could be played by educational institutions.

Various initiatives are undertaken by the gaming companies to address the skill shortage in the industry with majority of firms (55 per cent) organising in-house training for their employees or investing in overseas training (21 per cent).

In November 2017, the European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) was launched, following an agreement signed between the MGA and MCAST. This strategic initiative aims to increase the talent pool in the gaming industry and create more long-term careers for both local and foreign students. Educational programmes through EGIM started being offered as from October 2018.

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Most Unfilled Gaming Jobs Are In Game Operation And Development